Can this generation really find happiness in life?

Happiness is a state of finding which is not easy to achieve. We all seek happiness in things, people, and activities around us. But is that even the right way to see this? One can not really be happy if they are not content with themselves and their life. For this generation, this is a major problem. Some might think they will be happy after getting married, while others think a new car will make their content. But it turns out that it’s only momentary. So, can this generation really even find happiness? Yes, why not!

In this Tiktok video, Norah says something that we should try to understand deeply.

She says, “A lot of you’ve pointed this out, and the truth is you’re right. I have been alone for so long that I just kind of accepted that’s the way it would always be, and I just try to be happy alone, even though a lot of the time I’m not.”

So, Norah says that she is not always happy but does that mean she is upset? Not being happy and being upset are not inversely proportional. Sometimes we are not happy, but we feel normal and are not sad about anything.

Let’s say you get married to someone, and you will be happy for some time, but then things will become normal, but that doesn’t mean you are upset. However, if you are not happy with yourself and make it the other person’s responsibility to cheer you up and make your life better, then neither you nor they will be happy.

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One of the viewers commented on the video, saying, A majority of people are not happy all the time or hardly any of the time. It’s normal for happiness to be rare. That’s what makes it feel so good.” This does make sense and is true.

The idea is to never chase happiness and let it happen to you. If you try to find it in people or things, it will always be fleeting. The right people will come into your life, and everything will work out.

Do you think this generation can really find happiness? Well, I think some will but most won’t. Let us know your thoughts in the comment below. And, if you found our content informative, share it with your family and friends.

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