day-in life of an unemployed professional

How can the day-in life of an unemployed professional be so good?

If the day-in life of an unemployed finance professional can be so good, we gotta do better for ourselves. Recently, Keyi posted a video of her day-in life on life of an unemployed professional

She introduces herself in the beginning, “Welcome to the day in the life of an unemployed 25-year-old ex-fintech sales/ex-big 4 accountant/ UBC Sauder Grad that recently moved to downtown Toronto.”

Keyi then continues, “Yep, the recession is definitely hitting me, but life goes on. The greatest thing about unemployment is to wake me up when the sun tells me to.”

Yes, that is definitely a positive. Plus, she is able to get up before noon when she prepares herself a tasty brunch instead of a sad breakfast.

She says, “Today we’re making avocado toast. It is the easiest thing to make with the most overpriced item at your local brunch spot. If you think about it, it’s $0.50 per bed, a dollar for avocado, and a dollar for eggs.”

day-in life of an unemployed professional

However, it’s not all fun Keyi starts working after she has her brunch. She says, “I spend my morning job hunting. If I cancel myself as an ex-fintech sales professional, I really don’t deserve a job. 2022 layoffs are crazy, though.”

Keyi continues, “For the ones I want to apply to you, I researched the rules and send out LinkedIn messages to potential hiring managers for my actual applications. I find the keywords, and slap them on my cover letter and resume. And apply.”

She also sends follow-up emails to recruiters during noon who are either trying to ghost her or are having their lunch break.

After that, she gets ready for the Rio Grande of the day, time to work out. Keyi says, “I’m glad I had this time to prioritize my health and work on that big booty. Unfortunately, I really hate the taste of protein. Comment down below if you have any recommendations for my booty workouts.”

Once her workout is complete, she takes a walk to the Eno center.

On her way home, she picked up some really yummy fruitcake and the cheapest miso that she could find, and not time to make dinner.

day-in life of an unemployed professional

She says, “I’m making some steak with salt and pepper, some bok choy soup with miso and green onions. I love making rice bowls and soup when I’m living alone because it’s so fast and easy.”

With her meal, she is also having some gin and tonic. Like most of us, she also watches youtube or Tv while having dinner. Keyi says, “It is my absolute favorite time of the day.”

After dinner, she gets ready for bed and reads something on her Kindle or watch some Tiktoks before sleeping.

Watch the video here:


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