TransPod presents its ultra-fast vehicle

Canada-based TransPod reveals an EV which is hybrid of Aircraft and Train

Canada-based firm, TransPod reveals an electric vehicle that is a Hybrid of a train and an aircraft. Called as FluxJet, the technology used in the vehicles is contactless power transmission. It also uses the new field of physics called veillance flux. This makes the vehicle faster than a jet and three times faster than a train.

TransPod presents its ultra-fast vehicle
Image credits- Czechia Posts

Designed to exclusively operate on an ultra-high-speed ground transportation system called the TransPod Line, the new electric vehicle can travel in a protected guideway at more than 1,000km/h.

TransPod Line is a network system with stations in crucial locations and major cities. It will have high-frequency departures to facilitate quick, safe, and affordable journeys. This project is anticipated to generate up to 140,000 jobs, as well as add $19.2bn to the region’s GDP during the construction phase. Upon becoming operational, the TransPod Line is expected to cost passengers around 44% less than a plane ticket to travel the corridor. It is also expected to reduce CO₂ emissions by 636,000tpa.

TransPod co-founder and CEO Sebastien Gendron said, “All the hard work over the past few years has led to this milestone moment where talk is becoming a reality. The technology is proven, and we have the confidence of investors, governments, and partners to continue pushing forward to redefine transportation effectively.”


This year in March, TransPod received $550m in funding from Broughton Capital Group and China-East Resources Import & Export for the ‘hyperloop’ system between Edmonton and Calgary, Canada. The TransPod Line will enable journeys between Edmonton and Calgary in 45 minutes. At present, such journeys take more than three hours by car.

Broughton Capital Group and China-East Resources Import & Export have agreed to offer the funding and make a master engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) arrangement to support the project’s construction. The project is expected to generate up to 140,000 jobs, according to a feasibility study.

The study also forecast that the project will add $19.2bn to the region’s gross domestic product (GDP) during its construction phase. The TransPod Line is expected to help passengers reach Edmonton from Calgary in 45 minutes, a journey that currently takes more than three hours via car. In addition, the anticipated ridership between Calgary and Edmonton will reduce carbon emissions by 636,000tpa, according to the feasibility study.

TransPod co-founder and CEO Sebastien Gendron said, “As the first and only company to confirm such finance for a multi-billion-dollar tube transportation infrastructure project, TransPod is proud of its commitment to driving growth in Alberta through true innovation and partnership. The construction and operation of a TransPod Line will help Albertans move around easily, create new jobs, and facilitate investment into the region.”