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Cancer Couple Behind Covid 19 Shot Claims That Cancer Vaccine Will Be Available Before 2030

According to recent reports, the scientist couple behind the covid 19 shot has claimed that the cancer vaccine will be available before 2030. Read the entire article to learn more about this vaccine.

About the vaccine

“Yes, we feel that a cure for cancer, or to changing cancer patients’ lives, is in our grasp,” said Professor Ozlem Tureci during an interview on BBC’s “Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg.”  “We believe that this will happen, definitely, before 2030,” he told Keunssberg.

“The goal that we have is that can we use the individualized vaccine approach to ensure that directly after surgery, patients receive a personalized, individualized vaccine, and we induce an immune response that so the T-cells in the body of the patient can screen the body for remaining tumor cells and ideally eliminate the tumor cells,” Sahin explained.

Keunssberg asked the couple if there was “still a chance” that the cancer vaccine doesn’t work.” I don’t think so,” replied Tureci. “Everything we have learned about the immune system and about what we achieve with a cancer vaccine shows, in principle, the clear activity — we can induce those killer T-cells, we can direct them.” “Every step and every patient we treat in these cancer trials helps us to understand more about what we are against and how to address that,” said Tureci.

Professor Ozlem Tureci and Dr. Ugur Sahin, Source- Anadolu Agency


About BioNTech

The scientist couple, Professor Ozlem Tureci and Dr. Ugur Sahin cofounded BioNTech. It is the company that partnered which Pfizer to provide one of the most effective covid vaccines. To explain the working of the covid 19 vaccine, Sahin said

“We are a next-generation immunotherapy company,” Sahin told CNBC’s “Power Lunch” on Tuesday. “The technology behind this vaccine, the messenger RNA technology, and the vaccine candidates have been developed in Germany.”

Sahin went on to explain that BioNTech “took care of the manufacturing of the batches for the clinical trial.” BioNTech also specializes in T-cell, a key part of the immune system, and “investigated the T-cell immune responses for this vaccine,” according to its chief.

About Covid 19

Covid 19 is one of the most shocking pandemics that hit the world in the year 2019. It is an extremely infectious disease and it took quite a while to fade away. As of now, it is still prevalent in many parts of the world and has caused a lot of deaths. An extremely infectious disease, it originated in China in the state of Wuhan and rapidly spread all across the world.