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Capcom Confirms Significant Increase In New Titles In 2023

As part of their annual financial reports, Capcom confirmed the company would have a significant increase in the number of new titles released in 2023. The new titles are set to be released on both PlayStation and Nintendo systems, with NINTENDO set to follow. According to Capcoms recent financial report, Capcom wants to ship 45 new SKUs in FY2023. Capcoms Unit Sales Plan for Fiscal Year 2023 shows Capcom is planning not just to ship many more new games in 2023, but also sales to go along with it. With many more Capcom games potentially on the horizon, it will be exciting to see what Capcom announces between now and March 2023.

Capcom New Titles 2023

Credit @ Capcom

As far as what Capcom might line up this financial year in terms of new releases, so far, there are already some that have been officially confirmed, including things like the Capcom Fighting Collection, and the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of Resident Evil 2, 3, and 7. These are promisingly heavy, with Capcom looking to sell 10 million units of new titles during the current fiscal year (and 27 million more games already present in the catalog). Capcom is expecting the game’s numbers to be highly successful, just like last year’s big releases Capcom.

Capcom New Titles 2023

In fact, Capcom is looking at the release of several major new titles in the next 12 months or so some that might not be formally announced just yet. We also know Capcom plans to release Exoprimal, the distinctly dino-shooter, at some point in the upcoming fiscal year, but it is no guarantee Exoprimal will come out before March 31, the end of the company’s fiscal calendar. Capcoms current 2022-23 fiscal year title slate includes mystery Pragmata, while Street Fighter 6s release window has not been revealed. Other games included in Capcoms large leaks from late 2020 of the 2022-23 schedule include the Mega Man remake Resident Evil 4, monster-hunting 6Y Resident Evil Apocalypse.

Of these 37 million copies sold, Capcom projects that 10 million sales will come from new games released (up from 8.6 million the previous financial year) while 27 million will come from back catalog titles (up from 24 million in the previous year). Capcom has been coming back stronger from 2020, increasing the number of games released, along with sales. While it is not clear if Capcom will recapture the capacity they had prior to 2020, they still anticipate a 40%+ unit sales growth from 2020. Capcom has predicted a handful of games will become just as successful over the years as the company’s biggest titles, so 2023 is going to be a fascinating year for gamers.



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