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CEO and COO of Pornhub parent company MindGeek abruptly resigns

The chief executive officer and chief operating officer of the parent company of Pornhub, MindGeek have unexpectedly and suddenly resigned from their positions.

The corporation says that they had decided to leave the firm a while ago but a survey on the corporation’s modulation clauses in New Yorker reported that this move was taken by the authorities all of a sudden.

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Source: TechCrunch

Feras Anton and David Tasillo who were the CEO and COO of the company respectively have left their posts with an immediate effect but they still hold some stakes of the company. The company confirmed this  news and said that the company is having an overall aim for an everlasting growth and its officials of the leadership team will put in all their efforts to look for great leaders who can fit in the positions.

Perhaps, MindGeek would have been considering to change its management. The past couple of years have been quite difficult for the adult film industry and MindGeek is has already secured its position in the industry. It is has great potential that makes many in the adult film industry accept its disputed selection of contents and investments

Although the adult film industry does have any scarcity of money but in the past few years the investments have turned very challenging. Both Mastercard and Visa freeze their installments to MindGeek corporation two years ago, however, Visa changed its mind up to some extent. In order to keep its position secured the company considered to receive the installments via cryptocurrency but it was also not as easy as it is shown.

Another reason can be the report of the New Yorker which mentioned about a number of circumstances where the modulation clauses of the Pornhub failed. A few people related to the industry have also made some allegations on the author saying that they had bought a religious anti-porn crusader’s spiel hook and sinker.

The company said that this report is simply an act of defamation. It also claimed that none other reports have ever made such points regarding the company in fact NCMEC also removed all the cases of CSAM on the company earlier this year, so, this news is just targeting to defame our company.

The company is taking measures to deal with policy-violating contents.

The departure of two top managements of the company just after a bad press release perhaps can be a bad timing and an unconstrained business nature but it is still difficult to believe on it.






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