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Characteristics of a good gun cleaning mat

Anyone who has washed a gun with gun solvents knows how messy the process can be. It’s possible to use an old towel instead of a gun cleaning mat, but this damages the towel and traps the solvent. The liquid would be all over the cloth the next time you use it. Therefore, one needs to look at good quality mats. You can get many good quality mats online and personally I would recommend Valhalla Shooting Supply. Go and check their site for more information. 

The best gun cleaning mats have a few distinguishing features. They should be made from a material that is non-absorbent and leak-proof. This keeps CLPs and other oils from leakage onto your table through your mat. It also implies that grease can be easily wiped away, leaving you with a clean gun cleaning mat for the next time you use it. The last point you want to see in your gun cleaning box is an oil-soaked mat. The chemicals leak out of the mat, making everything oily and creating a filthy gun cleaning kit. When your gun cleaning solvent came in contact with a gun pad, it’s designed not to soak into the leather. Instead, it will actually lie on the floor, allowing you to easily clean it up.

Another important is that you need a cleaning mat that is of more dimension than your gun. This would help in better cleaning process and also be spill proof. As most gun owners buy weapons for self-defence, it’s important that they perform at their best all of the time. To keep the gun in good working order, clean it as quickly as possible after each use.

If you want a cleaner that isn’t solvent-based, there are many options on the market. They’re a nice choice because they don’t produce the same heavy fumes as solvents do, and they’re softer on your gun’s plastic pieces. Whatever cleaning products you use, keep in mind that you must always clean your weapon in a well-ventilated environment.

Many a times, gun cleaning mats are not available together with cleaning kits and in a way it is good as buying them separately would help you buy a good quality and a proper cleaning mat required for your gun. Cleaning the gun barrels at the very least with each firing is general advice. New weapons are easier to clean, and if you field strip clean frequently, you’ll notice that your guns are much easier to clean. Cleaning your gun should always be done within a few days of firing it. You don’t have to clean up after a fire in 5 minutes, but one week should suffice.

A cleaning mat guarantees that you will get one which is specifically built for your gun, allowing you to lay it out with all of its parts. It’s important to have the right gun cleaning pad for your needs. You must be certain that you understand what you’re looking for. Are you in the market for a gun cleaning mat or do you want one for your rifle?



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