ChatGPT believes Bitcoin could bring about the end of fiat currencies

According to Parman, an expert on   ChatGPT and writer, ChatGPT reportedly told that Bitcoin (BTC) would bring about the end of government-issued fiat currencies in the world. Parman reportedly taught ChatGPT about Bitcoin and convinced the artificial intelligence that Bitcoin will have deep impacts on the status of Fiat currencies.

ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed and owned by the AI research laboratory OpenAI. OpenAI is a US based research laboratory developing AI systems and products. OpenAI launched ChatGPT in November 2022.

Parman started by asking the AI a very commonly asked question how humanity could end central banking? For this, the AI responded that “decentralized digital currencies” could be one thing that ends central banking in the world. When asked to describe the phenomenon in two words, ChatGPT  responded “decentralize finance.”

As a reply to the two-word answer provided by the AI system, Parman said that DeFi is a “marketing term for what is centralized finance to scam people”. To obtain a clear answer from ChatGPT, Parman asked the ai bot to look deeper into the question. The AI bot responded to this by stating “end Fiat”.

To lead the AI bot into his answer, he asked it how humanity could bring the end of Fiat currencies. The AI bot responded by listing four reasons that could bring the end of Fiat currencies – a return to a gold standard, promoting alternative currencies such as Bitcoin, reducing government spending, and changing government perception.

The machine learning tool now understood that crypto adoption could lead to the end of fiat, but crypto, in Parman’s view, is not the answer. According to Parman,  only Bitcoin could take up that role as every other cryptocurrency has an issuer.

Parman refers to the fact that when Bitcoin was first mined, it was a digital trial, an experiment with a digital token that had no value nor a promise of value. All other cryptocurrencies, Parman explained, “have leadership teams and are, therefore, centralized.”

So which one is it: ChatGPT, Bitcoin, or crypto? The bot replied: Bitcoin.

According to Parman, the central banking system is a big scam and that only Bitcoin can save people from this scam.