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How to Check the Privacy Policies of Your Installed iPhone Apps

Know-How to Check the Privacy Policies of Your Installed iPhone Apps easily. 

In just the past few days, Apple rolled outs its “nutrition labels” which opens new gates for privacy in the iPhone App Store. By utilizing these labels, one can very easily learn how apps can be stealing your personal data.  Here is how you can learn how to see the privacy policies for apps you already have on your device.

Check the Privacy Policies


How to go through the Privacy Policies of Your Installed iPhone Apps?


First things first, head straight to your App Store on your iPhone.  When the App Store opens, your next step is to go to the upper-right corner.

First, open the App Store on your iPhone. In the App Store, go through your profile image in the upper-right corner of the screen.


In the list of options visible on your profile, select the option of  “Purchases,” then select “My Purchases”.


After when you are under the “My Purchases” section, you will find all the apps that you have downloaded or purchased on your iPhone.  When you are scrolling through the list of apps, you can tap on the name of the app to check its privacy policy.

When you tap on any app to check its privacy policies you will be redirected to the official App Store page of the same app. Keep scrolling the App Store page until you find the header or “App Privacy”.

When you go under the section of App Privacy, you will find a summary of how the app uses your data under sections such as- “Data Used to Track You” and “Data Linked to You.”


If you wish to know more details about the privacy labels and what else they have in store, you can do the same by tapping “See Details” beside the “App Privacy” header.

On the App Privacy subtleties page, you’ll get a nitty-gritty overview of what data the application stores and how it’s utilized.

Whenever no doubt about it, “Back” twice and get back to the rundown of bought applications. To check another application, tap its symbol and rehash the cycle above. In the event that you don’t care for what you see, you can always delete the application from your iPhone. Best of luck!

Obviously, you can likewise look for an application in the App Store to see its protection strategy. Notwithstanding, this tip will release you through the applications you’ve downloaded.



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