YCK05 hydrogen engine: Yuchai launches China's first operating hydrogen engine

China’s Yuchai successfully ignites YCK16H hydrogen-fueled engine

China’s Yuchai successfully ignites YCK16H hydrogen-fueled engine in Yulin, Guangxi. The enginee has a displacement of 15.93 liters and a horsepower of 560 hp. It is the largest hydrogen-fueled engine in China as horsepower and displacement are the largest.

YCK05 hydrogen engine: Yuchai launches China's first operating hydrogen engine
Image credits- ET Auto

The YCK16H adopts advanced fuel high-pressure common-rail, high-pressure in-cylinder direct injection technology and dual-channel turbocharging technology, which can realize homogeneous combustion or stratified combustion in the cylinder as required, featuring stronger power performance, higher thermal efficiency and better stability.

The platform has high adaptability to fuel purity and can be adapted to fuels prepared by grey hydrogen, green hydrogen, methanol-produced hydrogen, and other means. The fuel supply can be freely combined according to user needs and the basic conditions of fuel production, storage and transportation, which is a highly adaptable, flexible and controllable zero-carbon/low-carbon power solution.

To solve the problem of the relatively small power per liter of hydrogen-fueled engines, Yuchai chose the YC16H platform, which has higher horsepower but is smaller and lighter than similar products, and can be widely used in scenarios such as 49T tractors and other heavy commercial vehicles and distributed energy sources.The application of various alternative fuels puts forward higher requirements on engine reliability and adaptability. YCK16H adopts the independently developed intelligent control system and high-efficiency air management system, which can realize both equivalent ratio combustion and lean combustion, and can adjust the injection fuel pressure and air intake volume according to different fuels, so as to give play to the role of different fuels efficiently.


It applies high-reliability fuel injection system technology, electric-driven closed recirculation technology and advanced exhaust gas recirculation technology to prevent the occurrence of problems such as difficult ignition and unstable combustion in ammonia-fueled internal combustion engines. It adopts intelligent variable control technology, which can convert different fuels by adjusting the fuel system and intelligent control software without changing the main body of the engine, so as to reduce the development cost of vehicle manufacturers and better meet customer needs.

The application of ammonia fuel and methanol is also one of the highlights of this engine platform. Compared with hydrogen, ammonia fuel and methanol feature lower preparation costs, easier storage, wide application and less environmental impact. Based on the above advantages, ammonia-fueled internal combustion engines and methanol-fueled internal combustion engines have a broader development prospect. The development of YCK16H provides a good technical platform for the application of single fuel of ammonia or methanol, ammonia-hydrogen blended fuel and diesel-methanol blended fuel, and lays a technical foundation for China to develop zero-carbon emission internal combustion engines.

Credits- Green Car Progress