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Chqbook brings insurance services, digital filing and lending features

Chqbook is a Gurugram-based fintech startup that aims to change the management of small shops and businesses. By transforming everything from manual to digital, the startup aims to bring small merchants like Kiranas and chemists on its platform. Other than this now, the startup has brought insurance services, digital ledger, and lending features.

Vipul Sharma, founder, and chief executive, Chqbook, said, “Chqbook’s mobile app brings together all the financial transactions a small business owner must handle, now available on-demand and at their fingertips.”

What is Chqbook trying to achieve here?

Most small businesses are dependent on the manual recording of transactions, which is okay but isn’t the most efficient way. The fintech startup is trying to bring these customers to use their apps on smartphones to record transactions digitally. Along with this, they are bringing new offerings like insurance and others mentioned above.


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Vipul Sharma, founder, and chief executive, Chqbook, said, “It brings all daily transactions in one place, making them easy to access, so that small business owners can focus on what they do best — running and growing their businesses.”

The important part is that Chqbook is trying to provide several services to these small businesses they otherwise can’t get. This is because most of them are not familiar with the digital way things are done. And some don’t even have bank accounts. By bringing small business from offline to online, this will not only help the startup but also the businesses and the economy.

The present reach of the startup

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There is a lot of competition in the department that Chqbook is looking at. Some prominent players like Khatabook and OkPaisa are constantly trying to gain their market share too. But, Chqbook is not very far behind and has a decent customer base. According to some reports, the company has over 300,000 customers on its platform and brings in about 25,000 new ones every month. Let’s see which startup emerges as the main king after the dust settles.

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