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Christmas Day could be Zoom busiest ever

Zoom is all already tieing its shoelaces for what could be the busiest day for it. With all the world fighting against Covid-19, Christmas day could be the busiest day for Zoom.

It should come as no surprise since people are locked away with the limitations of pandemic. It is almost impossible for a number of people to travel to see their friends and family, to a larger case- it is also illegal.

It is about the UK that almost  18 million people in the state can not visit their loved ones with the strict new rules imposed for Christmas.

And it was very obvious because apparently, Covid was just a teaser for its mutated virus chain.

The people of Great Britain already were up for the alternative of connecting with people online if not in person. Without guessing hard, the first in the list as an alternative was Zoom.

While for many its a relief, there are some who aren’t really thrilled about Zoom Christmas.

Zoom preparing for Zoom Christmas.

As dated on 16 Dec, Zoom made an announcement that it will take away the 40-minutes limit for the celebration. While it may be a move to compete with other social media tycoons like Skype, Google Meets, FaceTime, Messenger, and WhatsApp, Zoom is still a step ahead with themes for Christmas.

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