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iOS 14.3: How To Use Apple’s Game-Changing New iPhone Privacy Feature

Apple is all set to change the game with iOS 14.3 since it comes with a set of super cool iPhone features. Apparently what makes at the top of the highlight is its new privacy “Nutritions Labels”. Wondering what is so special about it? It enlists all the data that an app makes a store of from your app store.

From all, that iOS 14.3 has to offer you it also gives you the advantage to check on the information that apps collect about you. It will give you the data history of location, and phone number too. Apple made it mandatory from the day of December 8.


iOS 14.3's best new iPhone features: 16 things you'll find yourself using  every day - CNET

source- CNET

Here is how you can use iOS 14.3’s new privacy labels


Finding iOS 14.3 privacy labels on the iPhone is not really a tough task. The very first of the steps is to update your iPhone to iOS 14.3 version. Once you are sure that your device is updated with that version, visit the apple app store. Later, tap on the app which you are planning on installing on your iPhone. After that, reach the bottom of the App Privacy page where you will easily discover the privacy label in detail.


The first and foremost segment that you will discover is the “Data used to Track You”. It gives an analysis of the data which was taken for advertising purposes. For example, it can be anything, like your contact information.

The next segment you will discover is ‘Data linked to you’. This is the data that is taken a record of by the apps to make a connection with your identity. If you want to take an example, you can go with your location or contact information. This is data is viewable on the front page in most of the cases, however, if you go through the page you will come across more information.

iOS 14.3 privacy labels—select the apps you download 


There is no uncertainty iOS 14.3’s new security labels will be helpful, however, how would you choose which applications are protected? It comes down to who you trust, and sometimes the information an application gathers may incite alerts. For instance, for what reason does a given application need your location to your area? On the off chance that it’s for climate, it should know where you are, yet less for a TV application.

Likewise, remember that you can change your consents for applications in your iPhone security settings, so downloading an application doesn’t mean you are naturally permitting it to have all the information it demands. You can likewise disable applications to follow you utilizing my guide.



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