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Classic Social Games That Have Gone Digital

Almost everything we’ve known and loved throughout our childhood is slowly moving to the digital realm. Everyone craves convenience; they rather do a bunch of things from home than actually getting the full experience the activity intended to provide. And, while most young people think that this evolution is beneficial, as you can do more, quicker, and more comfortably, there is no doubt that something is lost.

There are social aspects to most of these activities that are indispensable. Especially when it comes to playing games. They offer up the chance to be social, grow, and develop new skills. By interacting with others, you not only learn about them but about human psychology and yourself.

However, ease of use is king, and people can’t resist it, which is why more and more people have moved to play games online, even those that were synonymous with socialization.

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Casino Card Games

It’s not just the card games that you can play at a casino, but since these establishments are home to almost any card game you can think of, and all their variations, it’s not untrue to list them as such. Games like Poker or Rummy that you used to play with friends or at a local casino are now available digitally, at any one of many online casinos. 

These platforms appeared in the mid-90s, and have been growing ever since. Mainly due to their unmatched selection of games and rich promotional offers. If you’re not familiar with the rules of a specific game, they allow for demo rounds. And, if you fancy one with a more Indian touch, but aren’t too sure on how it’s played, you can visit sites that provide great tips and guides. For instance, Guide2Gambling explains what Teen Patti is and how to play it.


Ah, the classic parlor word guessing game. The number of parties this game has spiced up is probably immeasurable. Many don’t know that it originated from France in the 18th century, though the name is a dead giveaway. People mime hints with conventional and sometimes not so conventional gestures.

Today, there are a ton of variations of this simple concept in app form, like – What am I? and Heads Up. If you want something more innovative, you can play – Draw Something, where one player draws a picture and another has to guess the word the partner is trying to convey. You can use your phones in a real-life social setting to play some of these, or you can play them online.

Board Games

With the rise of modern video games and their advanced graphics and gameplay, you would think board games would be left in the dust to slowly dissipate as distant memories, that is not what’s happening. Interestingly enough, there’s a sort of renaissance going on. 

People are social animals, and the fundamental purpose of these games is social facilitation. However, today you don’t have to be near a person for you two to interact, you can do it through a device. Many apps that provide great board games, as well as dedicated websites like Tabletopia, that allows people to organize private rooms, where they can invite someone they know, or play against total strangers. Social engagement is important and it’s provided through chat rooms and voice communication.

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Trivia Games

Most humans are competitive. It’s kind of in our DNA, which is why we gravitate towards games. And what’s better than a game that rewards your knowledge of useless facts that you’ve absorbed throughout your life? It can be most gratifying to be praised for knowing something, as it adds a sense of value.

Thus, it’s no wonder that quizzes have remained a popular form of entertainment since TV was invented. And that trivia games are well-established methods of livening up close gatherings. Well, today you have a ton of apps and sites that provide quizzes on all kinds of topics, where you can keep score and embarrass friends.



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