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Classy yet Affordable PG Accommodation in Delhi – Stanza Living

With increasing average household incomes, the spending ability of Indians is also on the rise. People are now consciously focusing on aspirational products and services that allow them to lead a lifestyle that matches their taste, setting greater store by value than just budget. This consumer behavior has also led to a revamp in the rental housing space. No longer do young students and professionals, moving to a new city, have to compromise with cramped accommodations, badly maintained buildings, mediocre quality of amenities like food, housekeeping, etc. The paying guest and hostel space in Delhi is facing stiff competition from new-age managed accommodation and co-living companies that are adaptable to consumer needs of comfort, convenience, and hygiene. At the same time, these are economical options.

So even if you were to check the best PG in Delhi, we are pretty sure that a classy and affordable accommodation like Stanza Living will beat them hands down.

If you are also one of the many who have chosen Delhi to turn your dreams into reality and are looking for a classy yet affordable PG accommodation in Delhi, then let us help you find one!

To start with, look for an all-inclusive option. Your accommodation should be defined by how it makes your life hassle-free and convenient. This means, from yummy meals, frequent housekeeping, great laundry services to high-speed internet facilities, and more – all should be available in your monthly rent package so you don’t have to spend time and energy sourcing these.

Next, your place to live shouldn’t just be a drab, four-wall structure. Finding a place that is smartly designed, gives focus on ample area per person and has a healthy balance between private spaces and community areas should be definitely on your checklist. Today, there are vibrant, airy, and soothingly-designed residence spaces offered by operators like Stanza Living which you will love moving to. Ergonomic furniture, bright furnishings, sturdy fittings, new appliances, and equipment are a basic facility at any Stanza Living residences. Stanza Living has thoughtfully curated its properties to be clutter-free spaces, which actually result in more calming, liveable, and nurturing environments for its residents. Additional services like built-in gyms/ entertainment areas, TV lounges, pool tables, common appliances like microwave, refrigerator, induction heaters, water-purifiers, etc, all included in your residence space means you don’t have to miss home. Moving into a Stanza Living residence would definitely be a matter of envy.

Now that great interiors and a wide range of amenities have been ticked off your checklist for a classy accommodation, the next consideration should be how seamless is your daily living experience. Well, welcome to tech-enabled living experiences delivered by trained teams. Managed accommodation companies are now operating their entire service ecosystem – from the meal choices, you want to make to housekeeping requests you want to schedule and even any concerns you might have about a service experience – seamlessly solved via their technology infrastructure. They have a consumer app that gives you updates, allows you to share feedback, manage any requests, etc. It also records your preferences and customizes service experiences for you. So you are assured that when you communicate, you get a real-time resolution to your needs. Now no more depending on unreasonable landlords or wardens who don’t respond. Further, the technology ecosystem at professionally-managed accommodations like Stanza Living is geared to ensure

safety of its residents – from fingerprint enabled biometric scanners that ensure no unauthorized entry can happen in premises, to CCTV networks and perimeter fencing – your residence is a protected space.

Another ingredient for a classy shared accommodation is a cool landlord! One who does not limit your freedom with strict rules and regulations and makes all the terms and conditions clear. Sounds like a dream? Well, this is real! Many properties, managed by professional co-living start-ups in Delhi offer hassle-free stay – with transparent rent agreements, clear discussions on consumer requirements, online convenience of payments, etc, they remove all friction points in a tenant-landlord relationship.

And finally, what adds to a great living experience is the community you live with. Curated events like movie nights, games sessions, festive celebrations, and more create opportunities for you to rejuvenate, make new friends, find networking opportunities, and grow together.

All such features will not only help you save plenty of time (where you won’t have to manage multiple vendors for different chores) and concentrate on your career, but you’ll also be able to lead a classy and comfortable life in your home away from home.



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