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Clicks And Snaps Make Way To Twitter With National Selfie Day Buzz.

National Selfie Day saw a shower of clicks and snaps finding their way to the trending list on Twitter. For the uninformed, June 21 is apparently National Selfie Day, and if you forgot to click what you click on a normal basis, you still have time. The buzz of the day is still alive and Twitter is bearing witness to all sorts of extravagance that comes with a day devoted to selfies.

National Selfie Day trending on Twitter

Selfies now are as normal a part of life as food or water, if it’s not a bit of an overstatement. Every situation whether it be happy or sad demands a selfie. And many people condemn the selfie culture as a rather extravagant shade of a self-obsessed culture, people could not care less. Because despite everything, selfies have not gone out of trend, and everyday people discover new ways to perfect the perfect selfie.

The Very First Selfie!

History lessons aren’t always very intriguing. However, when mingled with curiosity, a small snippet of history is tolerable. Who took the first-ever selfie? Was it just an arbitrary click or a planned innovation? Well, brace yourselves for a small surprise because the selfie is not so modern as you think it is. The first-ever selfie dates back to 1839!

Robert Cornelius who clicked the first selfie

Robert Cornelius, 1839

And the one who clicked the first selfie was Robert Cornelius. Cornelius was a chemist with considerable interest in photography. Perhaps that’s why he ran back into the frame of his camera thus giving the world its very first selfie. Indeed, he didn’t know back then that he was opening a window for a massive trend. So, if somebody takes a jibe on the self-obsession of the present generation, be quick to counter them with the story that dates back to 1839.

Although 1839 witnessed the very first selfie, the term ‘selfie’ came about in the year 2002. After all, the millennials are always good with coining words that are worth a dime. And once again looking back, you have a drunk Nathan Hope, who accidentally brought about the term on his birthday while apologizing for the picture with a caption, “sorry about the focus, it was a selfie.” The rest is history.

Twitter Celebrates National Selfie Day

No celebration misses touching the walls of Twitter, for it has become the platform reflecting everything whether it be good, bad, or, ugly. And National Selfie Day is no exception. People were enthusiastically posting selfies while some took a walk down memory lane, and that includes celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Here is a snippet of the National Selfie Day celebration on Twitter.

It’s the BTS. It is only normal if you sense the beginning of a frenzy.

On another note of surprise, mirror selfies aren’t that modern either. The past indeed has a vast number of surprises.

Robert Cornelius might object to the claim below.

Even math answer sheets might not have seen such perfect angles.

It is not fair to have so much perfection in a single frame!

The pandemic cannot stop us from celebrating whatever is to be celebrated

Let’s conclude with an incredible selfie.



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