Close your Airtel Payments Bank Account online
How to close your Airtel payments bank account online

Airtel Payments Bank Account is a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel, India’s first payments bank. Airtel’s payment bank helps with mobile and bill payments all you need is to link your savings account or create a wallet on the platform. The platform works like any other payment apps you will need a unique UPI ID to get started. Pay your bills, Electricity bill, gas bill, money transfer, Self recharge, water bill Pay, and more. The interface allows you to send money and receive money to your Airtel payments bank account. There is an upper limit of Rs 1lac in the payments wallet. If you happen to want your account for whatever reason you submit your account closure request online. To know how to close your account follow the steps mentioned.


How to close your Airtel Payments Bank Account

  1. Send an email to Airtel Payment Bank customer care using the email address mentioned that you want to close your account:
  2. An executive will write you back asking for a confirmation, you will have to provide proof of address & proof of ID and you can submit your Aadhar card number via email.
  3. After sending all the necessary documents you will receive an email confirming the same, stating account closure.

Make sure you withdraw all the money from your account wallet, receive cashback, and close all payments before you have initiated the process of closing your payment account.

If you want to close your account by SMS then dial *400 to initiate the process. If you are a non-Airtel sim cardholder and have an Airtel payments bank account on your mobile phone then you dial this number 8800688006. Close your account from the number in which you registered by calling the mentioned number.

For more information on how to close your Airtel payment bank account visit the website, click here.