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Cloudera announces New Data Warehousing for Hybrid Cloud


29 August 2018, India:

Cloudera, Inc., announced the general availability of Cloudera Data Warehouse. Cloudera Data Warehouse is a modern hybrid cloud data warehouse, trusted by nearly 800 large enterprises to store, analyze and manage data in public clouds and on-premises.

Steve Hirsch, Chief Data Officer, Intercontinental Exchange / NYSE said, “Before Cloudera, several data warehouse appliances were necessary to support our complex analytic requirements including market surveillance and member compliance analysis. Because the warehouse appliances could not scale we were forced to silo our data by market.”

Steve Hirsch added, “Cloudera’s ease of scalability and performance efficiency enabled us to consolidate all of our data platforms and today we run over 80,000 queries a day on Petabytes of data, while adding 30 TB of fresh data daily. With Cloudera, we eliminated data silos and improved our market surveillance and member compliance analytics capabilities. Cloudera is the right partner for NYSE.”

Sven Löffler, business development executive at Deutsche Telekom, said, “Analytical insights are the key for us to be able to differentiate ourselves and create more value for our customers.”

Sven Löffler added, “With Cloudera Altus Data Warehouse and SDX [Shared Data Experience] running on Microsoft ADLS (Azure Data Lake Storage), we were able to establish our Telekom Data Intelligence Hub: a trusted, fully governed platform and ecosystem where our users are empowered to exchange and analyse data and develop multi-function, data-driven applications easier and securely.”

Cloudera is further expanding its hybrid cloud data warehouse offerings with the availability of Cloudera Altus Data Warehouse, a modern data warehouse as-a-service, built with the same powerful Cloudera Data Warehouse hybrid, cloud-native architecture. The all-new Cloudera Altus Data Warehouse provides as-a-service agility, with the hybrid cloud flexibility and performance that first-generation cloud data warehouses simply weren’t designed to deliver.

Anupam Singh, General Manager Analytics at Cloudera said, “As enterprises collect increasing amounts of data to support critical BI and analytics applications, they recognize the inherent need to leverage Cloudera’s scalable, hybrid, cloud-native data warehouse to better enable self-service flexibility and real-time insights.”

Anupam Singh added, “Simply put, traditional data warehouses and first-generation cloud data warehouses are not able to provide the performance, flexibility and control enterprises need to meet the standards for agility and scale of a modern operational environment.”

Cloudera Data Warehouse enables hybrid compute, storage and control – or H3 – for workload portability and optimization across public clouds and enterprise data centers. It works where enterprises work, delivering the agility, security and governance enterprise IT needs, and the self-service analytics business people and data professionals demand.

Cloudera empower people to transform complex data into clear and actionable insights. It delivers the modern platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud.

(Image – Cloudera)



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