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Clubhouse conversations can now be recorded for later listening


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Clubhouse, the social audio platform that gained popularity for its exclusivity is slowly losing on that part but gaining access to millions of people across the globe. The app has managed to sit right next to giants like Meta, Twitter and more in the industry charts where these technology biggies have actually copied a few features from Clubhouse to remain in the competition. My point being, Clubhouse is an industry-leading platform when it comes to social audio communities and more.

Having said that, according to recent reports, Clubhouse is changing one of its key fundamentals, and that might not be such a bad thing after all. Until now, Clubhouse has boasted about its exclusivity, be it the invite-only format or the application being only available on iOS, these characteristics have had people talk more about the application, but all of it is in the past now. These features have been pretty much neutralized, but one defining characteristic of the application was that the audio chats were live, meaning, once the conversation ends, it is gone! Clubhouse is changing that.

Recently, Clubhouse has announced its new ‘Replay’ feature that will allow room moderators to record the audio chat and then save it to the club or personal profile for later listening. Anyone can browse through these recorded sessions and listen to them later as per their convenience. These audio chats can be downloaded and shared externally to other platforms as well. This means Clubhouse audio chats and room conversations can now be recorded and used as podcasts for Spotify or Apple Podcasts or even TikTok and Reels soundtrack, isn’t this convenient?

Well, it is just one of those features that you did not know, you needed. Listeners who are replaying the recording conversation can conveniently skip to the next speaker without having to scroll and figure out if one has stopped talking, they can make a 30-seconds clip, pause and scrub through the entire recording. In addition to this, you can also play the recorded conversation at 1.5x or 2x speeds as per your convenience. As mentioned in a report by Engadget, moderators to the room will also be able to see the headcount of people who have listened to the room conversation during the live chat and as a recorded session.

Replay is a great feature for people who like listening to podcasts because this feature is just that, podcasts on Clubhouse. What do you think?



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