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Clubhouse is working on a new feature called “Wave”


Source: The News Minute

Clubhouse is one of the world’s most popular audio-based social media platform that allows users to chat over audio rather than text. This made the app super-popular among millennials and in its early phase, celebrities like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg used the platform to host audio rooms to talk privately with some of their followers. Clubhouse allows users to create rooms where they can have all kinds of talks from intimate private conversations to hosting educational lectures, those interested can join the room and listen to what people have to say. Well, most of us already know what Clubhouse is but there are many out there that are new to this audio-based social media platform.

Having said that, new features are in order according to analyst Jane Manchun Wong. Clubhouse could allow its users to invite friends to chat by simply waving at them on the platform. As mentioned in a report by Engadget, Clubhouse is working on this new feature and testing a more fun way to invite people to have an audio conversation with them.

The report further mentions that Jane Manchun Wong is popularly known for reverse engineering applications to decode new and upcoming features, she has discovered that Clubhouse is working on this new feature and honestly, I think it’s great.

So, we can guess that if the tests go successful and Clubhouse decides on a wider release, the platform could soon release a new update that introduces the new “Wave” feature on the platform. The Wave button would reportedly look similar to the ‘wave’ that we see when users join new users for the first time on the app. So, if you want to initiate a conversation with someone on Clubhouse, simply push that wave button and if the other party responds, Clubhouse will let you create a room with them.

Anyhow, Clubhouse started out as an exclusive invite-only application that was released only on iOS devices, then later it was introduced on Android which pushed the app’s user base and people started migrating from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to the audio-based platform. Users can host public conversations on the platform allowing anyone to listen and join the room, unless it is private.

Facebook, in the beginning of Clubhouse’s popularity, tried to buy the platform but could not. So, instead of being ‘okay’ with the fact, the social media conglomerate created its own social audio space with new features and products, copying Clubhouse.

Well, Clubhouse never stopped growing and its popularity is still increasing by the day, and with this new ‘Wave’ feature coming up on the platform, it would make the app more compelling for more casual ‘chill’ session with friends and even strangers- just wave at them and see if they respond, and if they do- all the best to you.





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