Cobie bought his first Bitcoin in 2006

Cobie bought his first Bitcoin in 2006 and Ethereum in 2013. Here’s how?

If you are wondering how Cobie bought his first Bitcoin in 2006 as BTC was released in 2009? The question is fair. Well, the title was actually clickbait to get your attention as Cobie did in his tweet. So, just stay with me and try to understand the message here. The idea of writing such an optimistic title is to portray the perfect guy from whom you can get investment ideas. Even more obvious would be to trust this person who has always seen potential in crypto and is now launching his own coin.

Cobie’s take on such tweets

As you can read in the tweet it is clear that the idea was to explain how influencers over-hype everything on Twitter. In fact, riding on the present market hype on the topics of “metaverse” and “Web3” is a great way to loop in investments for funding poor ideas. People want funding for rough ideas they come up with and find investors actually willing to bet on them.

People are also agreeing with the same

Twitter users and those who follow Cobie also find the truth in his statements. They agree that there are so many projects that have stuffed the words decentralized, web3, metaverse just to look cool. One of them even made fun of many people who put out tweets like that and then accept entries through google forms. Then there are those who shared their idea of decentralized cinema, some talked about metaverse and some about ICOs.

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