Coco Cola and Polygon launch an NFT
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Coco Cola and Polygon launch share-to-reveal NFT on the eve of International Friendship Day


Polygon’s journey as a crypto platform

Polygon's journey as a crypto platform
Credits: Outlook India

Polygon, which essentially begin its journey in crypto as a platform has come a long way in the market. Polygon primarily offers four kinds of services for the customers in the crypto domain. A polygon wallet, a polygon bridge, a polygon staking and widget dashboard are the four different services, that a polygon user can experience. Polygon, combines the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains into a full-fledged multi-chain system.

Polygon has been investing most of its potential and time into business development. The results of the investments are there to be seen. Recently, Polygon went on to partner with the reputed automobile maker Mercedes Benz. #Poweredbypolygon started trending in the twitter, making the collaboration historic. Similarly, many such news have been popping up about Polygon’s integration with reputed brands. The partnership with Disney accelerator program, Liverpool to Football Club’s NFT collection, all have been doing rounds in the market. All such news are testimonials to the investment that the business development team of the company is putting in. The business development also helped $MATIC to grow by 1.3% in the past few hours.

Out of such a business development streak, Polygon announced another collaboration with one of the most popular soft drink brands Coco Cola on the eve of International Friendship Day!

Polygon X Coco Cola

Let’s look at a tweet made by Polygon in regards to its integration with Coco Cola.

The tweet claimed that Coco Cola has launched one of the rarest, generative and shareable collectibles using Polygon as a platform.

Fans who have participated in the brand’s metaverse journey are the only ones eligible for the unique airdrop. The collectible has a special share-to-reveal feature that prevents the artwork from being seen until it has been shared with a friend.


Exclusive benefits!

Owners of NFTs will also have access to benefits and prizes, such as Coke Studio-powered experiences, gaming competitions, and first access to limited-edition product launches from Coca-Cola Creations.

Tafi, a business that creates 3D avatars, created the NFTs. Tafi is an expert in 3D art and technology and has worked with numerous well-known companies, including Warner Bros., Champion, Samsung, Louis Moinet, and others.


Writer’s Analysis:

According to me, the integration of Coco Cola and Polygon surely has the potential to create a lot of fan base for Polygon as a cryptocurrency platform which can be used for trading. Coco Cola has the opportunity to tap into the growing digital market and explore different options. To conclude, both the companies are expected to benefit from the collaboration.