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Coinbase makes its way to the Dutch market

Coinbase has now been registered as a crypto exchange in the Netherlands, allowing the platform to make its way to the dutch market and provide its crypto products and services. Besides the Netherlands, Coinbase has recently started providing crypto services in many other big nations, which includes Italy and many more.

After getting the approval to operate in the Netherlands, the exchange stated that they are going to work hard with the government, regulators, and policymakers to shape the country’s future in a better and more responsible way.

Coinbase steps into the dutch market

One of the most popular crypto exchanges, Coinbase, recently announced that they have stepped into the Dutch market after getting registered in the DNB as crypto products and services provider. This is not great news for the crypto exchanges already present there.

As per the statement released by Coinbase, the registration would allow them to offer a full suite of retail and crypto products along with services to the customers in the country. They would be the first major global exchange in the world to receive approval from the DNB registration as a crypto service provider.

Coinbase makes its way to the Dutch market

Credits: Outlook India

Many people shared their views on the exchange’s success. Mr. Murugesan, current vice president of Coinbase’s IBD, stated that this country is a very important international market for digital coins, and they are very excited to set their headquarters there and bring the potential of the crypto economy to the country’s market. 

Coinbase is heading towards becoming the largest crypto exchange

The exchange explained that it currently provides services in around 40 European countries through its dedicated hubs in countries such as the UK and Ireland.

Last month, it was reported by DNB that the leading crypto exchange, Binance, is offering its crypto services in the Netherlands illegally. It could become a probable reason for the increase in the risk of money laundering or any other scams with the customers. DNB also said the exchange was fined and paid 3.4 million dollars for violating the laws. However, the exchange applied for registration to the DNB to get the approval to operate in the country.

What are your thoughts on the Coinbase success? Will it be able to become the market leader in the Netherlands? Let us know in the comments below. And, if you found our content informative, do share it with your family and friends.

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