Coinbase plans to enter India and offer $1000 incentives to new recruits

As the markets become bigger and more mature in India, foreign crypto exchanges are planning to enter the country. As of now the only major exchange in India is WazirX which is owned by Binance and the app has a lot of issues. So, there is a great opportunity for companies with a better platform to grab a market share pretty fast. Therefore, Coinbase plans to enter India and is offering $1,000 incentives to new recruits in the country.

Coinbase plans to enter India

Coinbase is the largest crypto exchange in the US and is also one of the most trusted ones. They have already gotten permission to operate in Germany and hence entering India might also be great for the company. Even though there are regulatory uncertainties in the country, there is very little chance that the government will take any drastic steps against crypto. And considering that India is currently very under-tapped and its investments in crypto have increased by 2500% in the last year, Coinbase will benefit a lot by entering the markets.

Coinbase plans to enter India

This is why they have already listed a recruitment page on their website for India. It has almost 20 positions for different roles and you can apply for them if you have the necessary skills and fulfil the requirements. In order to attract worthy recruits, they are also offering a $1,000 incentive in crypto. According to the company’s VP in India, this will be to help them understand crypto better.

If you are interested in crypto and have the skills then this is a great opportunity to work for an MNC. They are looking for many engineers skilled at what they do and are also expected to offer good pay.

Foreign crypto exchanges in India

The only reason that we have limited options for crypto exchanges in India is the regulatory uncertainty. If the government was a little more clear about crypto in India, we would have our hands full with options. Coinbase entering the country is just the beginning. Very soon we are going to see more crypto exchanges like BitMex, Huobi among others enter India.

Some of them have already entered India through investments in Indian platforms. For example, WazirX was acquired by Binance. On the other hand, Coinbase and Bitmex are already invested in CoinDCX.

What are your thoughts on Coinbase planning to enter India? And do you think they will be able to take over the position of the largest exchange in the country? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like and share it with your friends.

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