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Coinbase to provide 24/7 phone support and enhanced customer support services

Coinbase, a US-listed cryptocurrency exchange, announced on Wednesday that it will add phone support and implement a series of measures to improve customer support. A blog post from the company states that customers from the United States, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom will have access to 24/7 phone support by year’s end.

The firm anticipates expanding its customer support via telephone for 2022. Furthermore, Coinbase announced that its customers would be able to communicate with customer service representatives via live messaging any time of the day or week.

Coinbase to provide 24/7 phone support and enhance customer support services

Image Source: The Coinbase Blog

“Our mission is to give the best reliable customer support in the cryptocurrency industry. In a statement signed by Casper Sorensen, Vice President of Customer Experience at Coinbase, the crypto exchange said, “We look forward to bringing these additional features to you, so please stay tuned as we will continue to update this blog with the status of our journey.”

Furthermore, the New York Stock Exchange-listed company stated that a series of measures were taken in response to Coinbase’s increased demand thus far this year. The corporation said it had increased its capacity to deal with the situation. Coinbase added, “We acknowledge that we’re early in our journey of generating greater value for customers when it comes to our customer care experience.”

Coinbase has previously stated that improving the customer support experience is a major focus and that this year they have introduced new ways to reach us.

This year, Coinbase is focusing on providing a more seamless customer service experience. Users will benefit from an intelligent and personalized self-service experience, which will save them time when they have questions. Live assistance will also be a big part of the experience, allowing users to message the Coinbase team of specialists right away if they have a question.

Further, in the blog post, Coinbase discussed how coinbase is by expanding its capacity to provide customers with the fastest response times in the industry. Customers should have confidence that when they contact us, we will respond on time.

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