Collidu – Perfect Resource for PowerPoint & Google Slides Presentations

Have you ever had to make a presentation? No matter whether you are a student, employee, teacher, or business owner, there is a great chance that you have had your fair share of experience crafting presentations. Thus, the countless benefits and use cases of slideshows are well known, and you have heard them numerous times.

However, creating a successful presentation requires more than just slapping together a few slides. It requires meticulous skills in research, writing, design, and even public speaking. That being so, whether you’re a seasoned presenter or new to the game, you can never have too much help.

As a consequence, there was a dire need for a product like Collidu in order to help you create presentations that are informative, impactful, inspiring, effective, and memorable.

As you may be well aware, the leading platforms for creating slideshows are Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. Both these platforms offer a similar range of features to their users, but with one key difference – Google Slides is a web-based presentation medium, whereas Microsoft PowerPoint is an offline medium.

Due to this distinction, the availability of templates and other resources which are common for both Google Slides and PowerPoint is limited. And that is where Collidu outshines all other conventional template providers.

What is Collidu?

At its core, Collidu is an online resource that gives its users access to its vast library of pre-designed templates, which help them create magical slideshows.

How does it do that?

As previously mentioned, Collidu is an online resource that offers its users a well-curated library equipped with countless animated presentation templates. But it also goes a step further than other template providers, offering extraordinary features such as 100% compatibility with PowerPoint and Google Slides, animated decks, complete customization, and much more.

With these pre-designed decks, you can let your imagination soar and bring your exceptional stories and ideas to life in the most visually stunning way. With Collidu, you can create professional, sleek, and trendy presentations in your own style. The 100% editability features allow you to structure and organize your complex information in the most captivating and easy-to-understand manner for your audience. 

How does Collidu beat the competition?

  • Unparalleled Compatibility with Major Presentation Platforms

When looking for templates for your slideshow, having the comfort of compatibility is a game changer. Picture this: you search for templates on the web and stumble onto the perfect set of slides for your use case. What do you do? You download it and incorporate it into your presentation. But what if that particular template only works with Microsoft PowerPoint, whereas you are a Google Slides or Apple Keynote user? In that case, all of your efforts to find that template go in vain.

To protect you from this predicament, all of Collidu’s decks are designed to be compatible with all major presentation platforms, so that you face no hiccups when using them for your own presentation.

  • Outright Ownership and Access

When you purchase a template from Collidu, you are given instant, outright, and permanent access to it. You are given complete control over all aspects of the template, allowing you to edit and mold it according to your brand and purpose. Collidu strives to help you make your presentations, uniquely yours. Thus, it puts no restrictions on its customers in terms of customization. So rest assured, when you get templates from Collidu, you can still modify your presentation as your heart desires.

  • Animated and Professionally Designed Templates

Collidu templates are meticulously designed to provide the best quality to their users. On top of the exquisite fonts, graphics, illustrations, colors, and infographics, you will get animated templates in order to help you engage your audience. The animations are not overdone, nor are they out of place. Instead, all of the templates are designed and animated to be clean and classy, and curate a complete experience for the audience.

  • Regularly Updated Library

As mentioned above, Collidu has an extensive library of templates that has everything you need to craft a winning presentation. This vast collection is regularly updated. That means no more run-of-the-mill designs for you. Your coworkers might be using the same templates day in and day out, but you can have the upper hand by showing up with fresh slide decks every week.

One of the main motivations for using templates from third-party sources is to amp up the quality of the slide decks. Collidu offers exceptional templates designed to enhance your presentations and increase your chances of success. This diverse selection of templates ensures that whoever uses Collidu is covered, no matter what they need.

Additionally, Collidu makes sure that you do not have to go through any hassle to get your templates; thus, it provides instant and complete access.

The next time you are tasked with creating a slideshow, remember to check out Collidu’s Free Presentation Templates!