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Concerned resident fearing battery blow up unplugs Tesla Model 3

Tesla users may find it as being ignorant. A resident feared that the Tesla Model 3 might blow up while charging and unplugged the vehicle. Later stuck a note on the vehicle stating his concerns. It is possibly one of the funniest scenarios related to Tesla customers.

Image credits- Teslarati

Back when smart phones started coming to the market, a certain reserved or conservative people still preferred the traditional then used phones. Now it seems like electric vehicles are entering the market in a similar manner. However, the Tesla community is not happy with outdated preconceptions being instilled in people’s minds till now. Tesla cars have proven themselves many times. It was also named among one of the best cars of the world along with fuel-powered cars and Tesla’s Plaid version of Model S broke many records and is continuing to beat other vehicles.

Keeping all the achievements, it should be noted that vehicles are in the market only after being tested and approved. Besides Tesla is a global brand that sells in other countries too, which wouldn’t be possible if the car wasn’t safe enough.

Batteries are batteries

Tesla Model 3 also has lithium-ion batteries. And so do many appliances at our home, from the TV remote to the air conditioner controller. People easily adapt to switches or batteries for a regular product, unlike electric vehicles. The idea of EVs being more dangerous is instilled because of some news incidents, which could have happened to any vehicle.

It was posted as a Facebook post, pointing out that the day was not that hot for a battery blow-up. Interesting how the concerned citizen took the time to tape the note instead of slipping it under wipers. The note was taped to the charging point, clearly trying to make a tough point.

Tesla’s battery management system is made to handle the situation despite being at a hot temperature. Furthermore, the US Department of Transportation states that there is one vehicle fire in the 19 million times traveled by the vehicle. If a blow of was possible, there wouldn’t be those many Tesla vehicles all over the US. They can be seen widely on roads as many Americans are opting for the upcoming electric vehicle models.  It is known that the waiting list for Tesla is increasing every month. Once the company’s Giga Texas starts production, the demand can be met with delivery times as required.




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