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Connecteam: The Leading Time Clock App for Mobile Employees in 2020

Time Clock

Gone are the days of manual time tracking. Many companies have already made the switch to a time clock app. Why? 


A digital time clock allows for



And those are just some of the benefits of using a time clock app. The list could be considerably longer, trust us. 


Now, if you’re in the market for a digital time clock then you’ve probably come across Connecteam. And it’s no surprise why – Connecteam is the best time clock for small businesses


What makes Connecteam the leading time clock app? 


1. Time Tracking On The Go


Connecteam makes it easy to automate time tracking with easy mobile punch-in and punch-out for your employees. Your company benefits from GPS geo-location, job, project, customer classifications, and much more. With intuitive, mobile-first user experience, your team will easily use the app within a day and won’t need training. 


2. Efficient Timesheets And Payroll


Improve how you handle timesheets and approval processes and you can even export the reports in your preferred format to simplify payroll. Connecteam is designed to save time with simple actions and visual flags to pinpoint what matters: auto calculated breaks, overtime, double-time, daily limit, auto clock-out, adding bulk shifts, multiple shifts in a day, adding absences, and more.

Clock in and out

3. Real-Time Visibility 

From field to office, you have access to real-time visibility into your worker’s actions and activity. Instantly and easily see who clocked in when and where, even if you’re on the go. Contact employees with the in-app chat function for streamlined communication and track your team’s performance.


4. Simply absences and time-off requests


Whether you’re on your phone or desktop, you can process absence requests and approvals, customize absence types, and track historical records. Managers receive push notifications when requests are made and can review and approve requests on the go. Employees are notified in real-time whether their requests were approved or declined.


5. A Centralized Kiosk


If your team needs to clock in from a centralized location then use Connecteam’s on-site Kiosk station app. In seconds, you can set up the Kiosk and allow users to log in with a personalized PIN code. Supported on both iOS and Android.


6. Geofence Ensures Employees Are Where They Should Be


Don’t allow your employees to clock-in unless they are in a pre-designated site. Create however worksites are needed and link them with a job, a customer, or a project. After, employees use the time clock only in fenced areas to ensure accurate time tracking.


7. Send Reminders and Notifications


Benefit from advanced automation to ensure your operation runs smoothly: push notification and reminders for your team reminds them to clock-in and clock out, daily limit alerts, auto clock-out when exceeding the allowed working hours, and more. Plus, set up automated daily reports to receive a daily summary of work hours so you’re aware of where things stand.


8. Affordable Pricing


Connecteam is the only time clock app that doesn’t burn a hole in your back pocket. With affordable pricing that doesn’t charge per user, pricing starts at just $29/month for up to 200 users. You can sign up for the free 14-day trial and then switch to the free for life plan. 

Connect Team Screenshot

The Bottom Line on Connecteam’s Time Clock App

Connecteam is beneficial for any industry and size, so whether you’re a 10 man construction crew or 50 workers for a cleaning company, maybe you’re 700 volunteers of a nonprofit organization – Connecteam is built for you.


In a click, it’s easy to track and manage work hours on jobs and projects, improve your payroll process and even how you manage timesheets. Collaborating with your team is quick and easy, play when setup is quick, easy and affordable, it just makes sense to get started for free!




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