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Pac-Man Is Coming To Fortnite

According to a blog post, Bandai Namco is going to be bringing Pac-Man to Fortnite, with their biggest collaboration starting on June 2, 2022. While details surrounding the crossover are not announced, this announcement is sure to get Pac-Man players excited about Fortnite, with Chapter 3 Season 3 just around the corner. Epic Games has not confirmed the big partnership between them, but we can expect an announcement with details to be released over the next few days. Just hours after the Pac-Man birthday post, Bandai Namco posted on the Japanese site of the Pac-Man game official site that their biggest collaboration is official.

Pac-Man Fortnite

Credit @ Epic Games

Fans were the first to learn about their new partnership between two gaming giants, as Bandai-Namco posted a tweet that wished Pac-Man a happy 42nd birthday, with the Fortnite’s official account choosing to join the festivities. It did not take long for the skepticism to be confirmed, with the Japanese Pac-Mans official site clearly saying the duo would have a Fortnite collaboration at the beginning of June. The Japanese Pac-Man site described items featuring Pac-Man patterns coming to Fortnite in the next Fortnite collaboration but did not announce any new Pac-Man skins. According to the Japanese website PAC-MAN, it is very possible we will not be getting Pac-Man himself in Fortnite, instead, just regular characters with clothes that are designed after him. The website just says there will be items with the PAC-MAN motif, any other thing would be highly unlikely either way.

Unfortunately, do not expect to see players dressed up in Fortnite in the form of huge yellow balls rolling through the remains of Tilted Towers. While most Fortnite collabs and crossovers feature a skin that is part of any franchise that is added to the popular free-to-play battle royale video game, Pac-Man does not appear to be released as either a useable or a shoppable skin. The press release indicates the collaboration’s release date is June 2.

It is not known what items are coming, or the prices of those cosmetics, for now, but we can speculate that, following past collaborations, at least some skins will likely come, and various harvesting tools and other items are coming down the line.

Another of gaming’s most iconic mascots is coming to Fortnite, thanks to a partnership between Epic Games and Bandai Namco. The large, yellow eating machine is not the first gaming franchise to make its way to Epic Games Fortnite, as you will often find yourself running through as the likes of Master Chief, Kratos, and the characters from Street Fighter. We are a little more than a week away from the time when the other Fortnite collaboration is set to happen, so there is likely to be some other news coming out over the course of this week.



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