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Country Delight Raises $108 Million; Valued At $615 Million
With this round, Country Delight has raised $147 million in funding to date.


It has been a great few months to be a start-up company in India. With the world recognizing the pool of talent that India has to offer, the start-up culture in India has only grown and grown. In a new update in this field, Country Delight, is yet another Indian based start-up company that has received a fresh batch of investments.

The company recently raised $ 108 million USD in their latest round of funding which was led by Temasek Holdings, a Singapore based fund management company. The company was able to raise this money at a valuation of $ 615 million USD.

country delight by Customer Care Life

Country Delight is a direct 2 consumer company that delivers dairy products like cow’s milk, buffalo’s milk, curd, paneer, ghee, and other perishable items like different types of bread and eggs to your door step. The company was founded 9 years ago in 2013 and its head office is situated in Gurugram, Haryana.

According the company, the firm take 2-3 days to deliver the order as they source their products fresh and direct from farms so their customers can experience and consume the freshest and healthiest dairy products.

According to the company, Country Delight has had well over 1.5 million customers since its inception and they fulfil around 3 million orders a month. The company has received investments amounting to $ 147 million USD since it was established 9 years ago.

In a country where most dairy products including bread and eggs are not fresh, with a large shelf life, Country Delight is looking to disrupt the market with their high quality, fresh, and healthy food products. As they source their products directly from farms across the country, the company also directly helps farmers and their families providing crucial economic support to them. In a time where farmers feel neglected especially from the government, providing support for them would be of great help for them.

The spokes people of the company said that their industry is filled with companies that focus on quantity over quality, while other companies, while they do focus on health, the naturalness and the freshness of the foods are compromised. Country Delight on the other hand, focuses on their tech and keeps consumers and farmers on the centre to bridge the gap the industry has by delivering fresh, and healthy foods. The company has been growing consistently over the past three years and with this fresh batch of funds, they can expect to grow and scale up even further.



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