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Instagram Introduces 3D Avatars for Indian Users
The company has also added more customization options for its messenger and Facebook profiles including assistive devices for people with disabilities

Meta, the parent company of the biggest social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook came out to announce that 3D avatars can now be used in Instagram stories and that they can also be sent in direct messages and group chats on Instagram in India.

With this new update, Instagram users can now modify their avatar look by changing the shape of their face. They also announced that there are much more features and customization options now for their instant messaging app, Messenger and also user’s Facebook profiles can also be customized especially helping people with physical and mental disabilities. The 3D avatar feature is a bid to mainstream the metaverse to the people and showcase what it has to offer in the future.

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Facebook and Messenger already had the 3D avatar feature for their users in the country, but they have now come up with a new update where people can now make 3D avatars of themselves. You can change up the face shape to look more like you and also choose from wide range of fashion choices that fits your style the best so you can have a virtual you in Meta.

Mr. Manish Chopra the director of Meta India said that when the feature was introduced last year, there was over a quintillion different option to mix and match from to create the perfect virtual you and the company has not stopped there. The company continues to add more options, choices, and updates to make the entire experience more fun, and customizable to show case the potential and future of the Metaverse.

There are now options like wheel chairs, hearing aids, and cochlear implants to cater to people with disabilities in their bid to make the Metaverse all inclusive. Wheelchair stickers can now be sent on Messenger, Instagram chats, and on Facebook.

The social media game is highly competitive with many players having their own unique pros and cons. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Snapchat are all fighting for the same customers and these companies are always updating and improving to provide the best experience so that they can retain their customers and not lose them out to their competitors.

There are currently well over 300 million social media users in India with Facebook taking the cream of the crop with close to 240 million users in the country.  Instagram has around 150 million users in the country and they will be looking to grow the Meta community as Metaverse slowly hits the mainstream.



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