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COVID-tests to be made time-effective with Vancouver smartphone tech

A tool that can accurately detect the symptoms of COVID in just a few seconds. Something that carries the label of accurate, cheap, and effective. Artificial Intelligence might have just touched the mark, once again proving its effectiveness when it comes to the field of health. Peter Whitehead, the CEO of Vancouver-based Light AI.Inc has been engaged in the development of an innovative AI-powered technology that could make COVID-testing easier and convenient. When it comes to healthcare, the right diagnosis at the right time holds a lot of weight. In an age where health care is becoming expensive and at times, a prerogative of a privileged few, Artificial Intelligence is ready to change the rules of the game, letting everybody win.

In contrast to the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, which is time-consuming and costs over $1oo, this app is handy, affordable, and supposedly accurate.

How Does It Work?

The technology uses an artificial intelligence-powered smartphone that will snap images of the user’s inner mouth. The embedded technology will then look for the physical effects of COVID-19 on the tissue, delivering the results in less than four seconds. This technology has just moved the label ‘gold standard from the test to health care, almost democratizing treatment. This technology once again proves the immense potential and power of artificial intelligence which can bring revolutionary results in the field of health.

It is splendid and quite remarkable how efficiently and effectively AI can differentiate between the symptoms, to an extent even better than the doctors who would not be able to make a close-call concerning a disease like COVID. Or rather, the right phrasing would be that AI augments human efforts to a level that is quite impressive.

Testing and Comparison

An eight-week study will be conducted by Light AI with the Western Hockey League teams to observe how the app will work when stacked up against the PCR tests. As a part of the hockey league’s protocols, the teams will be getting tested for COVID-19 once a week. Though the PCR tests will have the last say on the test results, the players will use the app to take pictures of their mouths. This will be immediately processed to Light AI’s cloud-based server. The results won’t be made available to the users. However, this will help Light AI to compare the test results from the app to those of the PCR tests. The test results will then be used to attain Health Canada and U.S Food and Drug Administration’s regulatory approval.

The only requirements for the test are a cloud and smartphone which makes it inexpensive and affordable. According to the CEO, even after commercialization, the cost won’t be more than $5 each. The company also has in mind, plans for a subscription model using which customers can pay $30 for 350 or so tests throughout the year.







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