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Croma Black Friday Sale 2022 – Best offers on Apple products
Croma Black Friday Sale 2022 - Here are is the list of best offers on Apple products, do checkout:

Croma Black Friday Sale 2022 - Best offers on Apple products

Croma Black Friday Sale 2022 – Best offers on Apple products

In India, it’s time for the Black Friday sale! This sale season has seen the participation of an e-commerce behemoth. However, such Black Friday sales are fairly common in the United States. This Black Friday began after Thanksgiving and is expected to finish on Monday, which is also when Cyber Monday discounts are released.

However, as previously said, the Black Friday Sale is normally publicized in the United States throughout the winter. As excellent news, the trend for Black Friday Sales has begun in India when Croma, the e-commerce behemoth, launched their new Black Friday Sale for this season.

According to Croma’s statement, the Black Friday Sale in Croma began on the 18th of November and will continue through the 27th of November this year. And, for this sale, we have many items in Croma that will be selling for large discounts, but if you are looking forward to upgrading to a new Apple gadget, we have all products listed on discounts in Croma covered.

Croma Black Friday Sale – Discounts on Apple products 

Several Apple products, ranging from MacBooks to iPads, will be heavily discounted during this event. The following is a list of all Apple products that will be discounted during this sale:

Apple MacBook Air 2022 for Rs. 95,000

If you want to buy a new Apple MacBook Air 2022, you can get your hands on one for less than a lakh rupees. The MacBook Air 2022 is priced at Rs. 1,05,090, but you can receive an additional Rs. 10,000 instant discount through bank cards, bringing the price down to Rs. 95,090.

Apple MacBook Pro 2022 for Rs. 1,06,990

If you’re looking for the most recent Pro model, the Apple MacBook Pro 2022, the pricing has been set at Rs. 1,16,990 with an instant reduction of Rs. 10,000, bringing the price down to Rs. 1,06,990. Nevertheless, if you take bank cards for purchases and use Croma-partnered bank cards, you will be able to take advantage of such savings.

Apple MacBook Air 2020 for Rs. 77,090

If you have a limited budget of less than Rs. 80,000, you might be able to get your hands on the new Apple MacBook Air 2022. Despite the fact that this laptop is an older version, its performance and efficiency have been phenomenal.

As stated in the title, this Apple MacBook Air 2022 is available for Rs. 87,090, and Croma is currently providing an immediate discount of Rs. 10,000 through bank offers, thus with this bank deal, you can get your hands on this laptop beast for just Rs. 77,090.

Offers on Apple iPad Air 9th Generation

If you want to upgrade to a new Apple iPad, you can get your hands on the iPad Air 9th generation for Rs. 26,900 during the Croma Black Friday Sale. This final price included Rs. 3,000 immediate discounts. If you’re excited about the Apple iPad Pro, you can get your hands on one with a total cashback of Rs. 4,000 on Croma.

Offers on Apple iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 Series

According to the Croma listing, the previously released Apple iPhone 13 series with 128GB of storage would also receive an immediate rebate of Rs. 3,000. In addition, if you are interested in the current flagship, the iPhone 14 series, you may get Rs. 4,000 cashback.



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