introduces top ups for Visa cards
Credits: introduces top-ups for Visa cards using Debit or Credit Cards

Performance of amidst the market crash.

Crypto market crash

The market crash had staggering effects on the Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange The company was well equipped to be the next big thing in the industry, before the market crash struck. The effects of market crash were so sharp that, the company started taking hostile decisions against its own employees. went on to lay-off, a huge chunk of its work force, amidst the market crash. Many experts even believe that, the 2018 phase, where the companies laid of thousands of employees and remained dormant for couple of years, has come back. Even amidst the crypto crash and huge lay-offs, the crypto exchange is working on its products and ways to give more to the customer. introduces top ups for Credit and Debit Cards.

In the recent news, went on to introduce top ups for Visa Cards using Credit and Debit Cards in the U.S. The announcement was quite an interesting one, as the company was elated to bring in such a feature. They claimed that, for a limited period of time, card holders in U.S will be able to enjoy zero fees when topping up with a debit card. It also added that, a charge of 2.99% fee will be charged for credit top ups.

The feature is said to give massive benefits for the customers. It promises to offer added convenience and is said to complement the current methods. The top up is also integrated with Crypto Wallet top ups and Fiat Wallet Top ups.

The instructions to top up Visa card using Debit Card or Credit Card

The major steps listed by the cryptocurrency company for topping up of Visa card using a Debit Card or Credit cards are as follows.

  1. Go to the card Page
  2. Select Top up
  3. Choose a credit card
  4. Press the Add Credit or Debit Card Button
    1. Enter necessary card information
    2. Click add card
  5. Enter the top-up sum in US Dollar
  6. Confirm the transaction


Writer’s Report.

The new feature from surely promises to give an unparallel user experience for the customer. The market crash has surely brought the zeal of the investors and users down. Any such feature to improve the user interface will do wonders for the company as the investor might stick with the company for an elongated period of time.