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Crypto scams disguised as ‘Help Ukraine’ start to appear

With Ukraine accepting crypto donations amidst the war-torn situation, crypto scams disguised as ‘Help Ukraine’ start to appear. These scams are taking advantage of the goodwill of those who want to help the people of Ukraine by donating some crypto. Therefore, it is very important to verify the crypto addresses before sending any donations. And an even better thing would be to only donate on addresses shared by the official Twitter page of Ukraine.

Crypto scams start to appear

Bleeping Computer, a tech news outlet, shared that many phishing sites, forums, and emails are being circulated that take advantage of the Ukraine crisis. They will hit right on your emotions to ensure you really decide to make a donation and fall into the trap of sending money to scammers rather than the country that actually needs it. These scammers are taking donations in the name of the Kyiv government and Ukrainian NGOs but are not using the official crypto addresses provided by them.

Crypto scams disguised as 'Help Ukraine' start to appear

They are also using the name of the U.N. Office to send emails that seek help in the name of Ukraine. And people who are not really that tech-savvy might even fall for the same. And finally, there are sites that are named after ‘Ukraine-donate,’ ‘Ukraineglobalaid’ with ‘.org’ or ‘.com’ domains.

Now we can see this from two angles. First is the chances that since these scammers are targeting the vulnerable or emotional side of the audience, they are most likely to fall prey to the same. The chances of this increase because everyone knows that the Ukrainian government is accepting crypto donations. And secondly, we might also assume that most people that use cryptocurrencies are tech-savvy and could figure out that this is a scam.

How to donate?

This is an official tweet from the Ukrainian government and has the addresses of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT, where you can donate to. Binance has also opened an emergency fund which you can access from the pinned tweet of their primary account and donate directly through your finance account. And always remember that verifying before donating is your responsibility.

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