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Cryptoqueen Associates Face Lawsuit for Money Laundering and Fraud

According to recent reports, Cryptoqueen associates are facing a lawsuit for money laundering and fraud. The cryptoqueen, Ruja Ignatova’s whereabouts are still unknown. Read the entire article to learn more about this piece of news.

About the Lawsuit

According to various reports, Ruja Ignatova is the founder of OneCoin which she founded back in 2014. The company was shown to be dealing with cryptocurrency and trading according to the FBI, it was all a facade. The company would falsely tempt people into the business by giving them false claims such as about the token mining structure which did not even exist in the first place. The company managed to make a fool out of 3 million investors.

The prosecutors claim that “In reality, the ever-growing value was a fake, and the mining process was only simulated by the software.” Coming back to the founder of the company, her location has been unknown since the year 2017. Nobody is aware of her whereabouts. Her last location was reported to be Athens, Greece. She is on the list of the top 10 most wanted list of the FBI. Her brother did try to take over the company after she left. He also accepted the charges of money laundering and fraud in the year 2019. His associates also faced a lawsuit in the year 2020.

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source- bbc

About Ruja Ignatova

For people who know nothing about Ruja Ignatova, this article will brief you about her. She is known to the world as the curator of a false scheme called OneCoin which she used to mint money from others. It is one of the biggest scams that someone has been able to carry out in the entire world. She is the target of most international agencies and as of now, her whereabouts are not known to anyone. But the agencies are looking for her as she is even in the top 10 most wanted list of the FBI.

About Cryptocurrency

For people who don’t understand what cryptocurrency is, the simple way to describe it is digital money. Any kind of money in digital form is cryptocurrency be it bitcoin, NFTs, etc. When you use cryptocurrency, no bank is involved in any kind of transaction that you might make. It is strictly between the sender and the receiver. Like you have physical wallets to store real cash, there are digital wallets available to store cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that was launched into the world in the year 2009and it has been quite popular ever since.