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Crypto’s fall from grace gives rise to a chain of funny Memes

If there is a synonym for uncertainty and cardiac-arrest inducing changes, then there is no better word than cryptocurrency. One day you might be flying high in the sky, and the next day you might be falling down the cliff of change which can be quite shocking. When it comes to cryptocurrency, such changes are part of the game and if you are not someone strong enough to brace yourself before a fall, then investing in crypto might not be the best idea.


The recent fall in prices of cryptocurrency is quite unsettling and the users are finding it a bit hard to digest the hit. After all, a fall is a fall. And being the king of the world one day, and scouring the streets the next is no piece of cake. And during times like this when catastrophe hits, the best shield is humor, and that is what people are busy doing. Memes are proving to be lifesavers keeping us tethered to sanity although it is quite ironic since some of them are really insane.

Ever since the drop in prices of crypto, there has been a rise of memes on Twitter, and it keeps on rising.

Here is a compilation of the best Memes and responses.

Things are getting a bit hazy and quite crazy.

There is no nice way to say it but life is a pretty hard rollercoaster ride.

Anticipation never leaves the air these days.

Life will dip you in the ocean. So, it is always wise to learn to swim.

Not just life, truth is also pretty hard to stomach.

Like somebody said, “Fake it till you make it.”

Sometimes words aren’t necessary to explain certain things.

It is not weird that the graph reminds one of the heartbeat rates. And evidently, it is going down with the fall in prices.



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