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The Health and Fitness Startup, Curefit is one of the most well-received fitness startups in India. Eatfit used to be a wing of Curefit that dealt with healthy foods and diets.

Recently, Curefit has announced to spin off Eatfit as an independent entity to meet the consumer demands in these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic.


This decision means that Eatfit will be a separate company, an independent vertical of Curefit that will have its own team and separate operations to expand and diversify its business. The aim is to meet the right consumer demands from the cloud kitchen market which the only profitable way in these times.

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Curefit founder Mukesh Bansal said that Eatfit has a lot of potential to grow successful and expand beyond limits to meet consumer demands in India. As people have become more health-conscious than they were ten years before, Eatfit is a healthy option of food choice that will be delivered right at your doorstep without any inconvenience.

He further added that making Eatfit independent was a strategic move to make operations more effective and efficient. The business shall grow and that it may independently dedicate time and effort with their own dedicated teams. The business certainly aims to grow and provide consumers with a value for money. Eatfit aims to deepen its roots in the food delivery sector of the Indian market.


This decision is taken to revive Eatfit after the lockdown and pandemic impact. The company has been trying several strategies but this one worked out for the best.


In July, as a part of one of their strategies, Eatfit included ready to eat meals and was certainly looking for partnerships with supplement brands to co-brand protein and other workout supplements on their platform.


The pandemic has obviously impacted a lot of businesses in various sectors but the hospitality and travel industry were very deeply impacted. That being said, the offline retail division of Eatfit- Cult Kiosks and its Quick Service Restaurants were very deeply impacted, practically pushing Curefit to take this decision to spin-off Eatfit.

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The overall subscriptions, according to Eatfit is down by a significant percentage. The office subscriptions are down by 90% and the lunch subscriptions are down by almost 80%. This has impacted the business very badly. People are making single orders which is again, not a good thing for the company’s profits.




Nevertheless, Curefit has shifted most of its businesses online which according to the founder is very well received by the people. Digital verticals of the company have grown enormously and generously adopted by the people. The company aims to deliver the best quality online service to its customers.





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