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Curtains Down For E-Books Sale At Flipkart


13 December, 2015, India: India’s one of the biggest ecommerce website has drawn boundaries for the sale of E-Books. In an interesting move, the company has decided to withdraw the sale of e-books on its website. It has decided to keep its earlier purchases intact. Customers who have booked or made purchases earlier can access Flipkart e-book app.

As per the statement released by the company, “The Indian book market is overwhelmingly dominated by physical books and this is a market that is growing at a fast clip. Flipkart will continue to be a leading player in the overall books market in India. In its overall strategy for books, Flipkart does not see the e-books service as a strategic fit and hence the decision of transitioning the ebooks service to Kobo.”

Flipkart ventured into an online books segment in 2007 as a retailer and later on, company added products such as mobile phones, laptops, clothes, furniture etc. into its inventory. Whereas, Flipkart’s counterpart Amazon, has taken a step further in indulging more people into reading books by announcing the launch of ‘Kindly Unlimited’. Kindle Unlimited is a service which allows its user to pick and read books from over million kindle books at a monthly subscription cost of US $3 (Rs 199).



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