Cyber Monday Deals - Get LG Gram 16 Laptop for $400 off
Cyber Monday Deals - Get LG Gram 16 Laptop for $400 off

Cyber Monday Deals – Get LG Gram 16 Laptop for $400 off
Buy the new LG Gram 16 laptop for $1300 - $400 off announced for Cyber Monday Deals, do checkout:

Cyber Monday Deals - Get LG Gram 16 Laptop for $400 off
Cyber Monday Deals – Get LG Gram 16 Laptop for $400 off

If you missed out on this season’s Black Friday Sale, don’t worry because you have another chance to get your hands on your favorite goods during this sale. This is the Cyber Monday Sale, a one-day sale publicized only on Mondays of each week.

So you have another day to obtain a new sale discount. However, we have included the reductions offered for the new LG Gram 16 Windows laptop in this post.

For those who are unaware! LG introduced its new collection of premium laptops named the Gram series a few years ago. However, like with every year’s update, we recently saw this new premium laptop receiving the most recent specifications to upgrade with a set of new CPU improvements and more. If you’re searching for a new laptop, you might be interested in this one.

LG Gram 16 Premium Laptop – What does it feature?

Before we get into the Cyber Monday discount for this deal, we’d like to go over the specifications for this premium laptop from LG. To begin with the design and display, this laptop has a premium-looking elegant design with a metal frame.

Now, in terms of display, this laptop has the largest ever laptop within the entire laptop range, as it has been stated that this laptop has a massive 16-inch panel that supports a maximum resolution of 2560×1600.

When it comes to the internals of the laptop, it is powered by a powerful Intel chipset dubbed the Intel i7 12th generation SoC. This is the most expensive processor chipset available from Intel.

This CPU is now paired with an integrated graphics card known as the Intel Iris XE graphics. Furthermore, the processor has been integrated with quicker RAM and storage, with 16GB of faster LDDR5 RAM coupled with a faster SSD internal storage capacity of up to 512GB.

In terms of extra features, this laptop includes dedicated Amazon Alexa support, as well as the latest Microsoft Windows 11 Home operating system out of the box.

Buy LG Gram 16 Laptop for $400 off 

If you are considering purchasing this new laptop! Then this may be an excellent option for you. In terms of pricing, the LG Gram 16 laptop was initially introduced at a premium price of $1,699, but due to the Cyber Monday deal, you can now receive an extra $400 off, bringing the price down to $1299.99.

If you don’t have the total money to pay, you may choose the simple monthly installments, which promise to be as little as $54.17 per month to receive this premium beast.

From where can you buy this new LG Gram 16 laptop?

This laptop is currently available at a discount on the Best Buy platform.