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Dealing With Social Isolation- How Technology Can Help

The coronavirus crisis has wreaked havoc on the world. The global healthcare systems are struggling to keep up with the rapid spread of the epidemic while businesses have closed down. Amid the mandatory lockdowns, social isolation has emerged as one of the biggest concerns for the world population. Being locked up in your own little prison can have a far-reaching impact on mental health and people who don’t have loved ones around are likely to suffer the most. Thankfully, technology can be of great help when it comes to dealing with the effects of social isolation. Here are some ways you can leverage it in lockdown.

Hang out online

The quintessential weekend parties are no longer an option and you may long for meeting friends at your favorite pub. Thankfully, the role of apps like Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype Call is not just confined to work-related video conferences and virtual calls. You can use them for socializing as well. Just pick a time and connect with your gang and you can catch up at a get together with beer and snacks, all from your home. 

Join a social media group or community

If days seem too long, you can consider joining a social media group or community to interact with like-minded people. These could be help groups with people suffering from respiratory illnesses or mental conditions like stress or depression. Or you could simply connect with a neighborhood group that would be happy to offer shopping help or arrange emergency home services when you need them. You may even go on virtual dates online. Just knowing that someone is there makes you feel less isolated!  

Play online games 

Another cool way you can use technology to have a good time even when you are home alone is by playing online games. Consider signing up for a gaming subscription service so that you may set up gaming evenings with friends. Otherwise, you can purchase online lottery tickets for an exciting experience and the opportunity to make plenty of bucks. The options in online games are endless, which makes this experience all the more exhilarating.

Read e-books online 

There is nothing better than catching up on reading, something you may have wanted to do for years but couldn’t because of lack of time. Again, technology brings ebooks right to your fingertips and you don’t even have to step out to buy a hard copy. An e-book reader like Kindle offers an endless supply of reading material, so you will never feel bored or isolated even if you have to stay indoors for weeks.

Binge watch on Netflix

Whether you live alone and want to tackle boredom or stay with a family you need to keep occupied, expanding your options in television content makes sense. And this is where you can lean on tech for binge-watching– consider buying a TV dongle or get a Netflix subscription for access to more films, television shows, apps, and music. You’ll surely not know what isolation is any longer!

Certainly, technology offers countless options when it comes to handling social isolation and enjoying your time alone during a lockdown. Go ahead and take your pick! 

Author Bio: The lead content planner at Outreach Monks, and a former legal assistant at district administration, Donald Matts, has been helping young entrepreneurs curb out of the dark, and become the next unicorn.



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