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Xnspy 2020 In-depth Review: Price, Features and Compatibility

Although people frown upon the idea of using spy apps, even severe criticism of these apps couldn’t reduce their demand. Since apps are used to collect data from the users, often without their knowledge, it makes the notion all the more believable that spy apps are only for unethical purposes. Compared to 2018, the year 2019 saw a massive jump of 373% in spy apps in 2019. These apps are often in the crosshairs for being intrusive, illegal, and privacy violations. 

But they have proven to be helpful amongst both parents to help them with digital parenting and even employers who can be in the know and prevent data leaks and other threats that have been so rampant. To think that all spy apps are illegal is wrong. There are spying apps like Xnspy that are particularly designed for parental and employee monitoring and have provided an efficient solution. Also, these apps require you to take the consent of the other party you are planning to use the app on. However, parents don’t need the permission of their tweens/teens (below 18 years) to monitor their digital activities. But they can surely tell them about it to enforce responsible digital etiquette. Some people use these apps for the right reasons and in the right manner. Xnspy happens to be one of those apps that facilitates parents effectively regarding digital monitoring and employers in terms of productivity-related reasons as well as data safety.

Having said that, let’s review the Xnspy app in detail:

Compatibility & Price

  • If you are thinking to get Xnspy, you should know that compatibility is not going to be a problem with Xnspy. The app runs fairly well on both Android and iOS devices. Xnspy runs smoothly on Android OS versions 4.0 and above. The app is quick in releasing quick updates for new OS versions as well. As for iOS devices, Xnspy is compatible with iPhone running iOS 6.x and above.
  • Xnspy offers two subscription plans to its users with unique set of features. For example, for $4.99/month, you can get the Basic Edition that offers limited functionality allowing you to monitor all text messages, emails, call logs, multimedia, view apps and block them, WhatsApp, Viber, and Instagram photos, location history, and web browsing history. You can also get alerts if the phone user changes the SIM card. 

However, the Premium edition lets you benefit from all the features mentioned above and a lot more that we are going to discuss in detail. It costs $7.49/month. The price difference isn’t much, but the options of features are certainly something to think about. That’s why most people opt for Xnspy’s Premium version.

XNSPY Features

Compared to other apps, Xnspy’s variety of features is no less than impressive. The app is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to understand so that both parents and employers can use it frequently. 

Let’s take a look at the app:

  • Instant Messaging and Social Media Monitoring

Xnspy monitors all the incoming and received messages on the phone. You can read all the messages, including SMS and MMS. Apart from monitoring text messages, Xnspy also monitors instant messaging apps along with the multimedia that is sent through them. These apps include Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Tinder, and others. These apps are rather popular among teenagers, and they use it for communication and socializing. So this feature comes in handy for parents to be in the know of their kids’ communications and activities. You can see all of the messages complete with their contact details, as well as the date and time. 

  • Call Monitoring

Xnspy can be effectively used to monitor all the calls the phone user makes or takes on the device. The app keeps track of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. You can see the call date, duration, and time. Not only that, but you can also record calls with Xnspy. This feature could be helpful for both parents and employers. Employers can keep a check on the quality of customer support representatives’ work. They can listen to these calls and measure employee performance. As for parents, they can bring this feature to use if their tween/teen is too involved in calls and know who their kid is talking to if he/she is spending hours on calls both secretly and late at night.

  • Watchlist alerts

One of the most noteworthy and impressive features by Xnspy, Watchlist alert lets you stay informed of things you are concerned to know about. Tons of activities take place on the phone simultaneously, and you may not be interested in everything but some particular activities. You can add any contact, word, or location to the list, and the app would notify you of relevant activity to them. Say, you have added terms “drugs” or “dark web” to the Watchlist, the app would alert you if they appear in the text message or the search engine. Parents can make use of this feature extensively and intervene if need be. Employers could also use this feature to monitor unauthorized employees by adding highly-sensitive words or codes to the list and know right away if the employees are talking about it. It can also help with resolving misconduct, unprofessional, or harassing behavior at work. 

  • GPS and Geofencing Tracking

The GPS location tracking feature monitors the real-time location of the phone you are keeping tabs on. You can view the complete location history as well that lets you know the whereabouts of the phone users. Besides this, you can also use geofencing to create virtual boundaries on the map, since the app integrates with Google Maps. This way, you can know when the phone user enters or leaves the pre-specified location. The employers in the logistics or service industry can use this feature to remote track their employees and ensure they are checking in/out on time. Similarly, parents can use this feature to know if their kid is bunking classes or going to an area you think is dangerous or inappropriate for them.

  • Access to Multimedia

With the help of Xnspy, you can track all the multimedia files such as audio, images, and video files, the phone user stores on the phone. You can remotely view and even download them for later review. Parents can use this feature to know what kind of content their kid has been sending and receiving on his phone. As for employers, they might not use it much but could benefit from it if they are suspicious of an employee’s activities. 

  • Web activity

This feature allows you to access all the web activities like the bookmarked pages, emails, as well as the complete web browsing of the phone user giving you a window into the kind of content they access on the internet. This feature can clearly help employers with evaluating employee productivity as it has become a trend to waste precious work hours scrolling down social media or watching YouTube videos. 

You can use this feature to see web activities, such as emails, bookmarked pages, and web browsing history. As for parents, it can be helpful to know the kind of content they are reading and viewing on the web. Although Xnspy doesn’t have a website-blocking feature, it can certainly let you know what your kids are up to, and then you can take the necessary action and purchase a separate program to block inappropriate content.

  • Remote control of the device

Using this feature lets you control the monitored phone in multiple ways and perform a bunch of silent activities. Xnspy works in silent and hidden mode. Here are some of the remote activities that you can do:

  • You can remotely turn on the mic of the monitored phone and listen to the surroundings.
  • You can either lock or shut down the device. A handy feature if the child/employee loses the phone. 
  • You can wipe data off of the phone. 
  • You can restart the phone.
  • You can take live screenshots of the phone. And can use them later as proof of an unethical activity the employee or child might deny. 
  • You can view all of the saved contacts and installed apps and block if you want. (For Android phones only).
  • Other Phone Activities

Xnspy for Android comes with additional features of keylogger and Wi-Fi logs. You can record all the keystrokes the phone user makes on the various apps. As for the Wi-Fi logs, they let you see all the Wi-Fi networks the phone user connected to recently with their name, date, and time. 

Xnspy also presents reports for an at-a-glance view of the top 5 callers, top 5 call durations, weekly call activity punchcard, and top 10 most-frequently visited websites. 

Having viewed all the features in-depth as well as their usability for parents and employers, let’s take a look at how to install Xnspy on phones:

Installing & using XNSPY

  1. Go to the official website of Xnspy and select a subscription plan of your choice. As suggested earlier, go with the Premium version. 
  2. Pay for the package of your choice and then wait for an email that shall contain a download link, installation instructions, and login credentials to your Xnspy web account.
  3. For an Android device, you have to open the URL on the Android device you want to monitor. The process would barely take a few minutes. However, for an iOS device, the installation process is different. You don’t need to install the app, rather sync the cloud with the app. You need to have the iPhone user’s iCloud credentials at hand and cloud backup enabled.
  4. After installation, wait for 24–48 hours and then visit the official website of the app. Xnspy uses this time to fetch the data from the phone and upload it to your web account.
  5. Now, using your login credentials, log in to your account. From the screen, go to the top-left corner and tap on My Devices. 
  6. Select Xnspy for Android/iPhone whichever you have selected and then head to the app’s dashboard.
  1. From the dashboard, you can tap on the different phone activities on the left side and see the recorded information.

Like all apps, Xnspy, too, comes with its share of pros and cons. However, the pros surpass the cons.

Pros and cons

  • Xnspy is one of the most affordable advanced monitoring apps.
  • The Watchlist alert feature is impressive.
  • The app supports offline monitoring and records data even when the monitored phone is not connected to the internet.
  • The app has 24/7 live chat customer support.
  • It is among the most affordable Android spying apps.
  • The watch-list alert function is particularly unique and is not provided by other apps.


  • You cannot block websites. 
  • Someone with ill intentions could misuse the call- and ambient-recording feature.
  • There is no trial version.
  • Xnspy does not have on-call customer support.

Final Thoughts

 Xnspy carefully and efficiently takes care of all aspects of monitoring. It has all that you could seek from a spying app and more. It is compatible with almost all OS versions of Android and iPhone. If you take out time to compare Xnspy with other apps, you would find it highly affordable. The impressive advanced monitoring feature act as the highlight. But be sure to check what the law in your area says about spying apps to avoid any legal issues.



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