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Deep Sentinel’s Groundbreaking State-of-the-Art Security System—Staying One Step Ahead of the Bad Guys

The future is Now with Deep Sentinel, the market’s most innovative security system. A pioneer in modern crime prevention, Deep Sentinel jumped into the security market in 2019 and has been developing more sophisticated security solutions ever since.

Deep Sentinel has blown the lid off of the surveillance industry by providing what no one else has— continuous, proactive service that has scaled to stopping hundreds of crimes a week. Popular with both residential and business settings, Deep Sentinel combines AI with human monitoring to fight crime like never before. These potential crimes span from break-ins, construction site theft, vandalism, and more—and Deep Sentinel can prevent them before they even happen.

Their next-generation physical security solution is the only system designed for proactive crime prevention. Deep Sentinel utilizes live guards powered by Deep Sentinel’s proprietary AI and responds to suspicious behavior in seconds.

What’s new

The combination of superior technology and human power is the key to Deep Sentinel’s success. However, they keep making their products and services better. Their newest product line features superior color night-vision, ultra 4k & 8MP video resolution, and an advanced Nvidia GPU powered smart-hub that can support up to 20 PoE cameras at once.

This new PoE IP product line provides unprecedented reliability and added flexibility for larger-scale deployments. Their award-winning AI-powered live guard surveillance accompanies this phenomenal camera. Plus, all of this protection is professionally installed by leading camera installers in the U.S.

How it works

Simply put, these advanced cameras and technology use Deep Sentinel’s proprietary artificial intelligence to detect potential threats. Once a threat is identified, one of the company’s LiveSentinel™ guards investigates the suspicious activity.

Guards intervene through the system’s two-way audio and 100+ dB siren and (if needed) contact local law enforcement within seconds. The teamwork created by artificial intelligence and human intelligence certainly seems efficient. The use of 2-way audio combined with highly-trained guards who verify the crime before contacting law enforcement keeps Deep Sentinel’s false alarm rate at an unmatched zero percent.

When police are notified, the highly trained guards provide a detailed report that includes their current location, if weapons are present, and other descriptive information.

Good news

After six months of live beta-testing, Deep Sentinel’s Power-over-Ethernet product line recently announced general availability. This announcement brings with it hundreds of diverted crimes.

“The Deep Sentinel POE solution is simply groundbreaking. We have built on top of our award-winning AI-based back-end technology by adding a robust, scalable, wired solution. I literally can’t see why any business wanting true security would choose anything else.” says CEO & Co-Founder David Selinger. “We could not be more excited to expand our capabilities to protect people’s businesses, homes, and loved ones through this new product.”

Deep Sentinel also provides a unique opportunity for installers to join a partner program. The partner program is geared towards IT managed service providers (MSPs), security integrators, and Audio-Visual installers who want their clients to have the exclusive, patented surveillance solution not found anywhere else.

Comparing options

Deep Sentinel believes every second counts when it comes to protecting your family, home, and property. This is why they focus their efforts on providing a security solution that stops crime before it happens, and alerts police faster than any other security system—Guaranteed.

This guarantee is possible with professionally trained guards that jump into action when AI suspects a potential threat. The LiveSentinel guards take immediate steps to engage the threat and alert police in real-time as the situation is unfolding—in 30 seconds or less.

Traditional alarm systems contact police sometimes several minutes after a break-in has occurred. And these systems generally have no way of providing details on why the alarm was triggered.

Police officers who experienced this frustration helped design the Deep Sentinel system to reduce false alarms, increase response time, ensure premium safety, and increase the arrest rate. And now, with its new PoE IP product line, the odds keep getting better that Deep Sentinel is always staying one step ahead of the bad guys.



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