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Delete Last 15 minutes: How to
How to delete the last 15 minutes on Google search

Google has unveiled a new feature on its search app, ‘delete last 15 minutes’.  Google is making it easier for iOS and android users to delete their search history for a span of 15 minutes by just a click. In the age of the internet, what you search for should generally be in the privacy between you and your service provider. This feature however, helps limit your browser history of the last 15 minutes to yourself. If you are an iOS user this feature should be available to you already and will soon be available for android users as well.

How to use “delete last 15 minutes’ feature

  1.  Go to the Google search app
  2.  Click on your ‘Account Profile’ on the upper right corner
  3. Move to ‘Search History’
  4. And finally, under which there will be a new option “Delete the last 15 minutes”.

Users can also delete their search history manually by just clicking on their account profile and moving to their search history. For web users it may be slightly different. Click on your account profile and move to ‘Manage your google account’. Under activity controls move to ‘Web and app activity’. Under ‘Activity controls’ you can ‘Manage your activity’. Android users have options to delete their search history according to ‘Delete today’, ‘Delete custom range’, ‘Delete all time’, and ‘Auto-delete’. Custom range gives users a time frame to which they would like to delete.

Web and App Activity page

All tech companies are on the path to harbor an environment with greater privacy and security. This new feature gives users more privacy by just a click. Increasing the accessibility and ease of operation enhances the overall user experience. All users today may not have the choice on whether they want to share their information with third parties but features like these are all steps to right direction when it comes to greater user privacy protection.