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How To Automatically Delete Old Text Messages On IPhone

How To Automatically Delete Old Text Messages On IPhone Or IPad in easy steps- 

Well there is a lot iPhone and iOS already take care of. They keep coming up with new updates and features which makes lives easier and simpler. So much that it is in the default settings your iPhone or iPad to store every iMessage and SMS text which you receive on your device. And you know what happens when you keep it that way? your iCloud could be flooding with years old iMessages and SMSs in spite of also taking up the space which could be used very well for other uses. Anyhow, enough of the red alerts. Here’s how you can help yourself. We will tell you exactly how you can automatically delete old text messages on an iPhone or an iPad.

Here is How To Automatically Delete Old Text Messages On IPhone Or IPad-

Follow these simple steps to get rid of old messages floating on your iCloud automatically-

Delete old text messages on your iPhone


  1. The very first step of all of it so head straight to the settings menu of your device, be it iPhone or an iPade.
  2. When you open the settings menu tap on the option of Messages.
  3. When you will open the Messages settings section you will have to scroll down until you find the option of Keep Messages.
  4. After you tap on the option of Keep Messages, you will notice that the default settings of your device has set the device to keep your iMessages along with SMS text messages to the duration of ‘Forever’, and we’re pretty sure that it not a good time to spend with useless data.
  5. So from the list of options that you get, choose the one you most prefer. As per your needs, you can set the automatic deletion of iMessages and SMS texts “30 Days” or “1 Year”


Once you tap on the option of 30 Days or even 1 year you will notice that a pop-up dialog box will appear on your screen with a question asking you if you would want to delete the messages which are older than the chose time period. And in that case, if you’re willing to lose the messages, make a simple tap on Delete!


Note: Think very carefully when you decide to delete all the messages from before the time period you selected them to be. Since once you delete and choose the time limit your device will automatically dump all the old texts and in such a way that you will never be able to retrieve them.






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