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Twitter marks Steve Jobs’s 62nd birthday: Birthday Tweets

This Friday was so much more than a love shower for Steve Jobs’s 62nd birthday. So much the love that the topic joined op 5 trends on the micro blogging media. Almost all the world was wishing Steve a Happy Birthday.

And there were many other celebrity posts marking Steve Jobs’s 62nd birthday.

 What did Tim Cook tweeted about Steve Job’s 62nd birthday?

Mac CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter on Friday to stamp what would’ve been the 62nd birthday of his archetype, organization prime supporter Steve Jobs.

Cook consistently posts on Twitter at whatever point a commemoration from Jobs’ life shows up, like his birthday or his demise from pancreatic malignancy on Oct. 5, 2011.

Cook was employed to oversee activities during this period, fundamentally upgrading supply and producing, and got an early taste of the CEO job when Jobs went on a clinical break in 2009.

Those taking care of the downpour of messages tweeted during that time went from youthful people who esteemed their iPods to significant partnerships or distributions honoring how Jobs changed lives around the planet.

The Apple fellow benefactor and psyche behind the fiercely famous iPod, iPad and iPhone gadgets passed on in October in the wake of doing combating pancreatic cancer. So hey world! happy Steve Jobs’s 62nd birthday