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Delhivery Revenue Doubles in Q4 to Rs. 2072 Crores
Its net loss came in at Rs 120 crore, against Rs 118 crore registered in Q4 of FY21.

Indian based start-up company Delhivery recently announced that their revenue for the final quarter of the fiscal year of 2021-22 had doubled to a staggering Rs. 2072 crores. During the same time at the previous year, the company’s revenue stood at Rs. 1003 crores. However, the company is still running losses and it has flat lined standing at Rs. 120 crores. Their loss at the same time the previous year stood at Rs. 118 crores meaning their loss has jumped by Rs. 2 crores within the span of a year.

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For the entire 2021-2022 fiscal year, their total losses amounted to a staggering Rs. 1,011 crores compared to the loss of Rs. 415 crores for the previous fiscal year. During this same time, the company’s earnings went up by 89 percent climbing up to Rs. 6882 crores.

The employee stock option plan giving to the employees of the company also rose up by around 98% as it increased by Rs. 341 crores in the final quarter of the recent fiscal year that came to a close. For the entire fiscal year, the total value of these shares went up by 115% which amounted to Rs. 1313 crores when compared to the fiscal year of 2020-21.

Dehlivery is an Indian based start-up company that works in the logistics field. They provide parcel and delivery services partial and full truckload services, and even international courier delivery as they look to provide top quality supply chain solutions. The company was established 11 years ago back in 2011 and its head office is situated in Gurgaon, Haryana.

As the company was able to scale up their services heavily this year all over the nation, their transportation costs also dropped by 3 quarters in the final quarter of the fiscal year even though the cost of fuel has been consistently going up over the past few months.

The company went on to go public just a few weeks ago with a goal to raise funds amount to Rs. 7,460 crores. The company ended up raising funds worth Rs. 5235 crores. Over the past few weeks, the stocks of the company have seen a good up turn in fortune increasing by 10 percent.

The company attained their unicorn status just 3 years ago back in 2019 and ever since they have been growing consistently but are still running on a loss. The company are looking to break even and go profitable as soon as possible.