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Dell India Takes Off 70 Employees From Its Software Team In Bangalore


3 March, 2016, Bangalore: Dell Software Group (DSG) which was set by the company nine months ago is in a state of shock as Dell has decided to let go 70 employees from the department. During the launch of DSG, company revealed its plan about spreading its operations and building its team to 400-500 employees. But the plan fell apart and forced the company to roll back its decision following Dell’s US $67 billion acquisition of EMC.

It’s not clear if the unit became redundant following the EMC acquisition or whether Dell’s business priorities changed after that expensive acquisition, reports ET. Currently, DSG operates from its two offices from Bangalore and Hyderabad and has a team of around 110 employees.

According to the source closer to the development, “Company offered a three month compensation package to the affected employees”. Another executive told that the layoff is due to the ‘strategic decision’ however, he declined on stretching it further. The Hyderabad centre appears unaffected for now.

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