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Dental health-tech start-up, Toothsi bags $5M for expansion


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Toothsi is a dental healthcare technology start-up that was founded two years back by Arpi Mehta. In recent reports, the company has raised USD 5 million in funding to expand in over 15 Indian cities.

When asked about the funding, the start-up mentions utilising these newly acquired funds to promote a perfect smile, improve its Research and Development (R&D) facilities and invest in expertise.

We are all aware of the Indian way of living and how stereotypical mindsets always want every bodily appearance to be perfect. The case isn’t so, as mentioned in a report by Bharat Suchana, living proof of this mindset is our matrimonial advertisements where having a specific skin type, pores on face, colour of the skin etc. is listed as an essential criterion for marriage.

Capitalising on this appearance obsessive mindset, Toothsi promotes a perfect smile with its at-home enamel alignment therapy. According to several reports and Bharat Suchana, Toothsi’s parent company, AMPA Orthodontics has raised USD 5 million to set its footprints across 15 more cities in India, invest in professional capabilities and diversifying the business into other dermatological at-home remedies.

According to an exclusive report by Inc42, post-COVID-19 situation for the health-tech start-up is a high-rise with an anticipated market development at Compound Annual Development Fee (CAGR) of 27% by 2025.

Coming back to the funding, Ascent well-being, Nimesh Kampani’s house office, Sidharth Shah- co-founder and CEO, Ascent Well being, LiveSpace COO- Ramakant Sharma among others. Toothsi is in a competitive market with other health-tech start-ups, LoveMyBraces, 32Watts and Clove Dental.

Arpi Mehta, founder, Toothsi says that the start-up’s at-home operations are something which many Indians will consider over its competitors and will solely enhance in the future because of multiple reasons. She further added that the corporate can serve over 30 lakh prospects by 2025.

Mehta further added that Toothsi’s aligners are about 60% more reasonably priced than other competitors in the market. She says that the company’s basic bundle comes at a cost of INR 51,999 which is also the most popular. In the same breath, she also said that Toothi would have got the opportunity to cut down the costs by controlling their in-house therapy cycles which further comprises of complete planning, manufacturing and assistance, according to an exclusive report by Inc42.

The COVID-19 threat has instilled a fear of hospitals among people which is understandable. During the peak months of COVID-19 and the imposed nation-wide lockdowns, people were prohibited from going to the hospitals unless there was an emergency and with the threat of catching the virus, the healthcare facilities for the needy were actually compromised.

Having said that, people rather wait than going to the dental clinic for enamel alignment and other remedies with the risk of catching the virus. This brings Toothsi into the picture that offers at-home remedies. Post-COVID-19, healthcare technology sector is anticipated for a major boom which is also evidenced by Toothsi’s four times growth compared to Pre-COVID levels. Mehta claims that the company is growing 30% on a monthly basis after the lockdowns were lifted.

Toothsi shows a lot of potential for the future of the health-tech sector in India with its at-home remedies and constant growth.



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