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DevDraft Partners With Microsoft To Provide Software Developers To Entire Microsoft Partner Network Nationwide !


DevDraft, the recruitment solutions platform for technical recruitments, today announced that they have partnered with Microsoft. As a part of this partnership, DevDraft will connect software developers with companies in the entire Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) Nationwide.

DevDraft is a self-service platform that connects ambitious developers with companies based on merit and is owned by Kitovet. The platform  is created by Sasha Matison and was launched in September 2014. (Read full story of DevDraft here !)

“Partnership with Microsoft provides new benefits to developers and companies. Developers now get exposure to even broader range of opportunities, and companies get connected to much needed talent. This is truly a win-win situation for all,” said Sasha Matison while commenting on this partnership.


DevDraft today has over 3000 developers registered on their platform and works with close to 100 companies to provide them with eligible technical recruits . DevDraft was launched in Seattle in Q4 2014. In 2015, the company is expanding nationwide supporting all companies in the MPN network.

The company recently ran an online event in April 2015 and there is an upcoming event in May and then in June.DevDraft operates by organizing online tech hiring events where they market companies to candidates. Candidates can register and solve real life coding problems designed by experts from DevDraft. Once a job seeker has solved the problems, their code is analyzed by the backend Kitovet Analytics Platform which generates a candidate profile based on parameters such as code correctness, depth of thinking, attention to detail, debugging and advanced computer sciences. These profiles then are made available to the companies who can select a profile based on their requirements. Names of each candidate are made available to the company only after they show interest in a particular candidate thereby removing any kind of bias in the initial screening process. Candidates can then choose which company they would like to pursue further.

The DevDraft form of recruitment has been extremely beneficial to coders and companies both big and small. This partnership with Microsoft is a big win for a platform which is only a year old and would help the company in its plans to establish a strong presence in the country before moving overseas by the end of 2015.

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